LSM Technologies Mulit- view System + 12" RLED Monitor- Komatsu PC4000 Excavator

Published Monday 8 Oct, 2012 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies recently installed an LSM SafetyViewDirect® Camera Viewing Solution for a Komatsu PC4000 Excavator consisting of their latest Heavy Duty Camera System components.

LSM Technologies recently installed a LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing Solution for a Komatsu PC4000 Excavator consisting of their latest Heavy Duty Camera System components.

Major components of the Camera Viewing Solution were:

  • The new 12" RLED Monitor.
  • A IP67 Multi- View "Plug and Play" Distribution Enclosure.
  • 4 x CCCameras- LHSide + RHSide + Rear + Boom Views..

The Camera Solution capabilities are:

  • Camera Selection: Capability to select Single Camera View or Quad Split viewing of all 4 x CCCameras via Joy Stick Control
  • Manipulation of Views: Multi- view Video Distribution Unit can allow for any configuration of Camera Views- eg PIP (Picture in Picture), Quad, Single, Tri- view, Split, etc.
  • Monitor Viewing: 12" RLED Monitor- this is a light weight, compact heavy duty, high bright Monitor designed to use reduced Cabin "real- estate" with enhanced viewing resolution.
  • Recording: 4 x Video outputs for DVR recording of all Camera Views.

Please click the images on the RHSide column to enlarge and if you need further information then please contact us.

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