Sarens equips Cranes with Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions-as a Standard!

Published Friday 10 Feb, 2012 by Peter Woodford

Sarens equips Cranes with Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions-as a Standard!

Sarens equips Cranes with Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions-as a Standard!

Sarens has recently started equipping its new cranes with a view system from Orlaco as standard, with a view to improving safety and efficiency at the lifting site. In recent years, Orlaco has already installed zoom cameras on almost half of the cranes.

Sarens as part of the international Sarens Group, is specialised in horizontal and vertical transport. The company owns 110 crawler and mobile (tower) cranes, which are put to use in a diverse range of projects. Increasingly, Sarens and its partner companies are also responsible for the disassembly, transport, assembly and/or construction phases of these projects.

Saving time

Almost ten years ago, Sarens The Netherlands equipped its first cranes with a view system, but only cranes with a jib longer than 50 metres were adapted during this process. The main reason was that the operators of these cranes could not see the load. Sarens discovered that, alongside the increase in safety, using a camera and monitor also resulted in a significant time saving because the operator had a much better view of the operation and could follow the load. As a result of this discovery, view systems were installed on more and more cranes.

Safety is important

The issue of safety at construction sites has become increasingly important to Sarens. The company has noted that there has been a large increase in the number of non-native construction workers in recent years and the language barrier means that the walkie-talkie is not always safe or efficient enough as a communication method.

Provided as standard on new cranes

This is why Sarens has decided to equip all cranes with an Orlaco zoom camera as standard. Now the first systems equipped with a spectrum scanner have also been installed, allowing the operator to select the frequency of the wireless communication between the camera and monitor. This guarantees a high-quality picture even if other cranes with a view system installed are nearby.

Preference for the view system

Sarens is also enthusiastic about the reliability of the cameras in all conditions and many operators now prefer cranes equipped with a view system from Orlaco. Through Sarens' parent company in Belgium, Orlaco also supplies view systems to other Sarens sites. Sarens has forty sites all over the world and Sarens is ISO-9001 and SCC (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors) certified. View systems help the company to meet its objective to further improve.

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