Mine Site selects LSM Technologies Orlaco Load View System on Cranes

Published Friday 10 Feb, 2012 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies received the first order to supply, install and commission a Load and Winch Viewing Camera Solutions for one of  the largest Mine Operations in the world.

LSM Technologies received the first order to supply, install and commission a Load and Winch Viewing Camera Solution for one of  the largest Mine Operations in the world.

Evaluations and feed- back have been very positive in regards to Safety + Productivity and Damage Control and the plan to implement LSM Technologies Camera Viewing Solutions on all 50 Cranes during 2012. 

LSM Technologies can provide Viewing Solutions for improved Operator Visibility around all aspects of Cranes, including:

1. Lower Deck Viewing.

  • "Lower Deck" viewing around the Crane peripheral- for example:
  • On- site / On- Road travelling and manoeuvrability- eg Mobile Cranes.
  • Viewing of Winches and Rear of machines- eg Luffing / Tower Cranes.

2. Load Viewing.

  • "Load View" that provides the Operator with a clear view of the Hook / Load at all times.
  • The Load Viewing Zoom Camera is positioned at the Boom of the Crane, are night vision capable, with a 216 x Zoom- meaning the Operator can see everything in any light conditions and eliminates all "blind lifts".

Confirmations / Viewing Options.

Some configuration options are:

  • All our high quality Viewing Solutions conform to ISO 5006 / 16001 and EN13000 Standards for improved Operator Visibility.
  • Fixed Camera Cable (eg Crawler / Luffing Cranes).
    Cable Drums (eg Crawler / Telescopic Cranes that do not have power at the Boom).
  • Wireless RF communication (eg Telescopic- power at Boom, Tower Cranes).
  • Variable configurations: many different variable components such as 7", 10" or 15" LCD Monitors, Zoom Control via LCD / Foot Switch/ Hand Control, LCD Monitor mounting either fixed or with suction cups- and much more variations /  options and ancillaries
  • Multiple Viewing Options: special Video Distribution Devices for multiple viewing of cameras- eg  Split, Tri or Quad or PIP views, etc.

There are many unique differences between LSM Technologies / Orlaco and other cameras as ours are "designed- for- purpose", are "Industrial strength" and are proven in performance, reliability and durability in the most arduous of applications / environments.

Some technical features:

Fixed CCCameras (Compact Colour Cameras): 

  • Small, compact and light weight- less than 270 grams- less chance of breaking brackets or view alignment changes during service.
  • CMOS Technology (where available) with increased clarity in bright and poor light conditions- illuminisivity down to 0.25 lux.
  • Shock resistance upto 30G.
  • Lens Glass is 7 x times harder than normal glass, is scratch resistance, dust does not adhere, chemically resistant and photo-chromatic.
  • One piece (no cable gland / seal or split casing), pressurised to 0.4 with Nitrogen and are IP69K- can be submerged permanently under water to 25 metres.
  • Internal heating (below 15degC) to ensure no condensation on the lens.

Zoom Cameras:

  • All the features of our CCCameras.
  • Night Vision- to 0.1 Lux.
  • Shock- and vibration resistant.
  • Heated lens glass.
  • Brightness function.
  • 100% watertight (nitrogen gas filling).
  • 216 x Zoom
  • Adjustable oil-damped camera bracket.
  • Operating temperature between -40°C to+85°C.
  • Available as EXx (explosion- proof) and with Pan  / Tilt Units.
    Robust and Shock proof.  

Ruggedised RLCD Monitors.

  • The ruggedised LCD Monitors are designed for any application / environment, with some unique features as:
  • All functions can be controlled and set- up with OSD (On- Screen Display).
  • Auto- switching of upto 4 x cameras.
  • Light weight and "thin" design with minimal in- cabin "real- estate issues".
  • Mirror and Invert of Images function.
  • Each camera can be independently set for contrast, brightness, colour saturation etc.
  • Camera switching function can be initiated manually (external initiation) for each camera / position.
  • Horizontal / Vertical line marking on screen.
  • Extreme shock resistance, has an IP66 rating.
  • Sequential scanning  / display of each CCCamera.

For more detailed information about various configurations of our Viewing Solutions for Cranes, please find refer to this link and download a copy of our Cranes Catalogue.

For additional information, please contact us