Boral- Orange Grove- Orlaco Viewing Solutions for Plant Monitoring

Published Monday 20 Jul, 2009 by Peter Woodford

Boral Quarries adds two more LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions to their Orange Grove Plant in Western Australia.

After installation and receiving excellent results of the LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Viewing Solution installed for the Truck / Silo Filling Station back in January 2008 (see news article), Boral- Orange Grove decided to standardise on our Viewing Systems with additional solutions for their:

  • Secondary Crusher / Plant Monitoring- installed also January 2008
  • Primary Crushing Circuit Monitoring- installed October 2008.

All monitoring systems consist of our high quality industrial strength Orlaco Camera System components.

CCCameras (Colour Compact) have been utilised at all locations with a combination of fixed cable and heavy duty Transmitter / Receivers for long distances, using RF real -time video signal transmission.

Various locations are being monitored from 2 x Operator Stations. Click the images on the RHS and see detailed views of the Secondary Crusher / Plant Monitoring that allows for views of:

  • #1 Crusher- monitors product flow / blockages.
  • # 2 Crusher- monitors product flow / blockages.
  • Sand House Building- internal view of walkway and indication of Hopper product "break- out" / spillage.
  • Silo Rotary Screen- monitors correct operation and product flow.

All views are relayed back to the Operators Cabin and allows for quad- split and sequential full screen views of all CCCamera locations.

Comments made by the Operators comparing to previous cameras utilised are:

  • Clarity of view: Either at 0500 hours in the dark or in bright sunlight- Orlaco CCCameras have photo-chromatic lens (darken in sunlight)- the system provides optimum clarity of views even in the poorest of light conditions down to 0.5 Lux.
  • Cameras do not "dust- over". Previously Operators had to periodically walk to cameras and wipe dust from the lens. Orlaco CCCameras have chemically smoothen lens's that do not allow dust to adhere and accumulate. This saves an enormous amount of time (as well as increases safety), as there is a lot of distance between Cameras and Operator Cabin
  • Clear viewing of the Sand House: This CCCamera location covers the walkway and conveyors which allows the Operator to monitor personnel (safety) that may be in the building area as well as if a "break- out" / spillage occurs.
  • Rotary Silo Screen operation: Clear view of this highly dust laden area and ensures correct operation of the rotary screen delivering product to the silos and ensures that it does not overfill / spill.

Productivity, Safety and Damage Control is all enhanced with the LSM Technologies designed Orlaco Camera Viewing System.  

Of course- LSM Technologies standard Warranty of three (3) year or 20,000 operating hours applies- even at these temperatures

LSM Technologies enhancing: 
Safety+Damage Control+Productivity

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