50,000 kms / annum Mail- run in the WA / Pilbara outback- LSM TyreGuard® saves Ross$$

Ross has been doing a Contract Mail Run for the last 3 years, averaging close to 1,000 kms / week on dirt roads throughout the Western Australia Pilbara region, which is one of the most arduous and harshest environments on tyres in the Australian outback.

With >50,000 kms  / annum he was looking for a solution to lower his tyre costs and talks to our David Richardson as to why he selected LSM Technologies TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring System for his Work Ute.

LSM Technologies BDM- David Richardson for WA caught up with Ross a few weeks and Ross advised that he was more than happy with our TMSystem's performance. 

"I love this TMSystem, it has saved me 6 x tyres in the last 12 months and has not missed a beat since it was installed. The "green is good"  turns off the monitor (if there are no alerts) and this avoids distracting from my driving, especially at night.

When I start in the morning, I know my Tyres are the right pressure.

When out on the dirt, if a Low-Pressure alarm occurs I pull over straight away,  change out the tyre with the spare and 9 x times out of 1, 0 that tyre can be repaired.  I can then move my Tyre Sensor to the new wheel in about 30 seconds and so then off driving again knowing my tyres are 100% protected.

Before I started using TyreGuard® I wouldn’t know I had a tyre going down till it was flat or almost flat and by that time the side wall is usually damaged beyond repair.

Also, because the TyreGuard® RV360 TMSystem can be self-install in a matter of minutes, I can transfer the entire system from my Mail- run Ute to our private Nissan Patrol 4 x 4 when travelling for pleasure and then transfer it back to my work Ute in minutes.

Wish I had got a system sooner!"

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