High Country Logging- LSM Tyreguard® integrated TMSystems are essential

Log forwarder and Skidder machines use special industrial tyres to carry heavy logs, and at about $5,000 each ($40,000 per machine). So the cost of destroying / premature failure of tyres adds up quickly.

Forestry is a dangerous and tough business with harvesting, forwarding, skidding (dragging) and loading of heavy logs onto trucks over very rough terrain is harsh on machinery and particularly hard on tyres.

Jock Haris from High Country Logging in NSW has been using LSM TyreGuard® integrated TMSystems back in 2017 and has fitted all his logging machines since.

A recap of Jocks original testimonial, “Tyres on these Log Forwarding machines are worth protecting. Sharp Stumps, logs or branches jam into a tyre and break the bead, then it’ll go flat without the operators realising it.  Running them flat can destroy a good tyre in no time, once you split the sidewall, the tyre is buggered”. 

So, to prevent destroying these expensive tyres, Jock installed LSM TyreGuard® integrated Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystems) on his Forwarder machines. The TMSystem will detect a low tyre pressure and alert the Operator via the In-Cab Display and help prevent further damaging the tyre.  This gives the Operator a chance to check the tyre and reinflated on site so as not to damage the sidewall.  

The Operators are also using TyreGuard® to check tyre pressure as part of the Pre-start routine and perform regular checks during operation. Jock continues:  “Since being fitted about 2 months ago (back in 2017), the LSM Technologies TyreGuard® TMSystems have already saved us at least $10,000 in tyres” Jock said and "That’s a good investment in anyone’s book!" 

Jock mentioned, that from now on he’ll be getting any new Tigercat Forwarder machines fitted with TyreGuard® from new- and for >4 years he has down just that- thanks Jock!.

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