TMSystems- Qld Government / DNRME updated Tyre Rim + Wheel Management Standard #13- Nov 2016

The Queensland Government - Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) has released their updated "Recognised Standard 13 Tyre, Wheel and Rim Management-  November 2016". The Standard also references causes and prevention of Pyrolysis,  resulting Tyre Explosions and Fires,

The Standard states:

"TMSystems (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) are beneficial in keeping the tyre pressure within its stated pressure envelope. Some monitoring systems also include temperature monitoring of the tyre air chamber. The capability to inform the vehicle operator (by remote sensing) of a tyre pressure outside the envelope can ensure swift action to correct the situation or prevent tyre damage. The introduction of TMSystems to haulage fleet tyres on mine site vehicles has been recommended by the Queensland Coroner in a recent fatality enquiry (Appendix 2)".

The DNRM Standard 13 also references the Coroner's recommendation that industry investigate, and implement within two years (in 2014), remote, or wireless, tyre pressure sensing equipment to allow operators to monitor tyre pressures from within the cabin of the truck- this deadline was October 2016.

It also states: "This should also be considered for Earthmover and Light Vehicle tyres".

The Queensland Government Standards are falling inline with other such Standards, Guidelines and Reports for TMSystems to become mandatory mitigation control measures on all vehicles using pneumatic tyres!

2016- DNRM- Recognised Standard 13- Wheel, Tyre, Rim Management
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