PicknCarry Cranes- TMSystems- Lifting the Stress of Checking Tyre Pressures!

Published Friday 17 Sep, 2021 by Peter Woodford

CICA (Crane Industry Council of Australia) Position Paper- Articulated Crane Operator Requirements CICA-PA-0009-B (17/08/2015) recognises that corrected inflated Tyres are critical for stabilisation / control for Pick & Carry Cranes (Articulated Cranes) to avoid Roll- overs- another Industry call for TyreGuard® integrated TMSystems.

(LSM News article originally posted on the 14th August 2017)

Some major construction and mining companies are now specifying Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMSystems) as required safety equipment for Pick- n- Carry / Articulated Cranes for their projects.

According to Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), there are over 5,000 articulated cranes in operation in Australia which make up approximately 50% of the total number of mobile cranes in Australia.  Nearly every Crane Company has at least one articulated Crane and many Companies have fleets of these Canes.  

Articulated (Pick- n- Carry) Cranes typically do not have Stabilisers or Outriggers and so Crane stability is dependent on the Cranes suspension and tyres. Crane rated capacities on tyres depend on tyre capacity, condition of the tyres, tyre air pressure (generally front 120-130 PSI, Rear 90-130 PSI) and ground conditions

According to the Australian Standards (AS 1418.5-2013), Articulated Cranes should be operated on firm level ground (to within 1% gradient, 0.6°) and all tyres must be checked and inflated to the recommended pressure before lifting.   

Recent accidents validate that correctly inflated tyres is not only critical before a lift (static position), but also during travel especially with a load to avoid Roll- overs.

Moreover- Tyre pressures and temperatures should be constantly monitored during high speed travel on roads. Pick- n- Carry (any Mobile Crane) Cranes are especially susceptible to stability issues due to their articulation. Incorrectly inflated or a rapid loss of tyre pressures / blow-outs that can very quickly cause loss of control and can eventuate quickly into a rollover or collision.

LSM Technologies are the leading specialist in providing TyreGuard® and their TMSystem integrated solutions, offering specialist expertise and the latest technology / design for any pneumatic tyre application.  Our TMSystems are robust and fit- for purpose with some specialised features as:

  • In Cabin Monitor to alert driver of tyre pressure / temperature issues.
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Sensors
  • Tyre pressure / temperature is constantly monitored, while moving or parked.
  • Alerts to dangerous low-pressure situations with both a visual and an audible alert.
  • High pressure alert.
  • High temperature alert over 80 degC.
  • Rapid leak alert where pressure drops more than 3.0 psi within 12 seconds.
  • Full telemetry integration either via LSM Technologies FSM Fleet Safety Manager® Telematics on- line solution for event and data recording / analysis.
2015- CICA Position Paper Articulated Cranes
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