TMSystem could have averted Chemical Truck / Tanker Fire on M1

Published Monday 27 Sep, 2021 by Peter Woodford

Virtually every day (even >2 x day) we experience a Heavy Vehicle fire in Australia and in a lot of these cases the cause is from the Wheel Well and involves DG Trucks / Trailers. A qualified fit- for- purpose Tyre Monitoring System has proven to mitigate / avert such potential catastrophe.

As a stark reminder of what occurs in our Heavy Vehicle industry is an incident (dd 4th August 2017) that caused a Chemical Truck / Tanker to burn to the ground on the Brisbane / Gold Coast M1- see the ABC News article.

The reported cause of the fire was from the Tyre Wheel Well of the Truck / Tanker Tyres as a result of Locked Brakes. The image of the fire's progress (from the Trailer / Truck Rear Drive Wheels) validates that the fire did not start from the Truck Engine.

The Tyre  / Wheel Well fire caused massive and expensive loss of an asset, traffic flow restrictionsbusiness interruption, extensive use of emergency services, severe damage to the road, etc and could have potentially caused other catastrophic consequences / ramifications.

LSM Technologies TyreGuard® integrated TMSystems would have alerted the driver if the Wheel Rim / Tyre temperature if it exceeded 80 DegC and  combined with our FSM Fleet Safety Manager® Telemetry Tracking / Web Based system, would have also alerted Dispatch.

As we have provided in other LSM related news articles, many heavy industrial industries and OH&S Authorities / Regulators have already changed their Tyre Management Guidelines / Standards to include TMSystems.

Even Internationally (USA, Japan, Korea, EU), TMSystem have been mandated / legislated TMSystem for the Passenger and Light Trucks.

This incident (one of so many), once again highlights the requirements for TMSystem Technology to be mandated / legislated by Road Authorities / Regulators for our On and Off Road Transport to enhance safety on the roads for Drivers and the Public.

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