Truck / Trailer Rollaways- happens every day!

Uncontrolled Vehicle Movement / Rollaways happen quite regularly here in Australia - in fact, they happen every day, with most not reported.  See this recent event of the coupling of a Trailer at Tarcutta. The driver was thrown from the between the Truck / Trailer and reportedly was not hurt.

LSM RollStop®- Anti- Rollaway / Parkbrake Failsafe technology is a proactive mitigation solution that does not require Operator intervention with instantaneous application of the brakes. Warning alerts do NOT work!

By the time an audible / visual alert has occurred, the Driver / Operator processes the Alert, then takes corrective action, the Vehicle has already moved a distance, potentially causing damage and harm.

Reports and videos clearly depict that some of the most severe causes of Rollaways are primarily due to handbrake not being applied, distraction events, incorrect decoupling and coupling of Trailers, discharged Parkbrake accumulator. See some of the these links to explain further: SafeWork Uncontrolled Movement Of Vehicles Safety Alert, recent Bus / Truck Rollaways and other incidents..

Uncontrolled movement (Rollaway) occurs with many types of heavy vehicles, including Tractors, Trucks, Buses, Forklifts, Tractors, Mobile Cranes, Earthmoving Equipment, Waste Vehicles, Sweepers.

But there is a solution - LSM Sentinel® (pat. pend) VSS- an Australian designed, developed and made world's first Vehicle Safety System and LSM Technologies array of safety mitigation devices such as the LSM RollStop® Anti- Rollaway / Parkbrake Fail-Safe control. 

LSM Sentinel® and LSM RollStop® alerts also integrate into our FSM®  Fleet Safety & Tracking Manager remote Telematics System for alerting, reporting, analysis of events and compliance.

LSM Technologies enhancing: Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

2022 Sept 02 PBrake- Rolllaway at Tarcutta Exchange

2023 LSM RollStop®- How it Works

LSM RollStop® Anti Rollaway & Parkbrake Fail Safe mitigation control that integrates into the LSM Sentinel® VSS (int. pat.pend) designed, developed and made in Australia.

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