LSM TankCare® Desiccant Breathers are the solution for Lube Trucks

Published Friday 18 Feb, 2022 by Peter Woodford

LSM TankCare® Desiccant Breather and Filtration technology, are the ideal solutions for moisture and dirt contamination control for Lubrication and Fuel Service Trucks.

LSM Technologies are experienced in engineering, designing and selecting the right LSM TankCare® Desiccant and Filtration Breather to ensure moisture and dirt contamination does not enter your fluid management systems.

Lubrication and Fuel Service Trucks are subjected to heavily contamnated environments, where it is virtually impossible to eliminate ingress of contamination into Bulk Fuel, Grease and Oil storage / dispensing units.

All Storage Systems "Breathe" during Filling, Dispensing and with Thermal Expansion / Contraction

LSM TankCare® Desiccant Breathers and Filtration Breathers protect your bulk storage systems by remove dirt and moisture before it enters.

LSM TankCare® Desiccant and Filtration Breathers ensures that your fluid management system is reliable, requires minimum maintenance and that clean lubricants are provided to your equipment.

Consider - it costs far more $$ to remove / filter contamination (if able)-  than it does to keep it out at the source.

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