LSM TrainSense® and BridgeSense® Collision Awareness / Avoidance (CAAS) Technology

LSM has developed two (2) more unique and exciting world's first Collision Awareness / Avoidance (CAAS) safety mitigation technologies:

  • LSM TrainSense® (int.pat.pend): Rail Level Crossing (CAAS) Collision Awareness / Avoidance System, designed to eliminate / avoid Rail mounted Vehicle impacts with Road Vehicles travelling over these Crossings.
  • LSM BridgeSense® (int.pat.pend): Over - height (CAAS) Collision Awareness / Avoidance System designed to eliminate / avoid Over - height Vehicles / Loads and Over - width impacting on Bridges / Tunnels (overhead structures), as well as providing Over - Bridge protection from vehicle over Weight / Dimensions.

LSM Technologies is seeking assistance of State / Territory Minister to secure a grant for development of these innovative solutions.

LSM TrainSense® 

Rail Level Crossings collisions / vehicle interactions with Railway / Track Vehicles on are a frequent occurrence that cause significant delays along busy traffic routes and damage to critical infrastructure. This can cause prolonged road / rail closures and require expensive repairs in the hundreds of $$million (or $billions) to vehicles, equipment and infrastructure. 

The LSM TrainSense® concept provides unique advantages over other historic mitigation controls, overcoming the primary cause of impacts - human behaviour / error:  

  • It is a standalone mitigation device - no ongoing subscription or telemetry costs, permanently affixed or integrated into the Road vehicle. 
  • No maintenance, support resources, infrastructure, repair or personnel costs.
  • If the Device fails- then it can be replaced quickly and simply at low cost.
  • GPS Satellite (not car Navigation or App) network which is reliableaccurate and covers all of Australia and the World
  • Once the vehicle is moving, it simply compares stored Railway Level Crossing GPS coordinates in the Device against the Vehicle’s GPS position- as it is motion- dynamically.   
  • Can be used to provide Deceleration of the vehicle, Braking or even AEB is alerts are ignored.

LSM BridgeSense® 

Vehicle collisions with overhead structures, such as OverpassesBridges and Tunnels (and Sacrificial Structures), are a common occurrence worldwide that cause significant damage to critical infrastructure and delays along busy traffic routes. As with Rail Crossings, Vehicle Over - Height Bridge impacts costs many hundreds of $$million's in damaged infrastructure, vehicles / loads, traffic delays, emergency responses, injury / fatality and more.

Fundamentally, LSM BridgeSense® functions the same as for the LSM TrainSense® with the following differences:

  • The Device contains a stored Database of all Mapped Bridge / Tunnel / Structure GPS Coordinates and their allowable Clearance Heights (and other dimensions if required).  
  • On vehicle start - up, the Device would audibly ask the Driver “please check and enter Vehicle / Load Height and acknowledge”.
  • Depending on the vehicle application / use, other alerts can be programmed into the Device - for example, if where a Tipper Trailer Bin or a Truck Mounted Crane is still raised when attempting to travel. 
  • If the Vehicle is of a standard known Height that does not change (e.g. Concrete Agitator, Bus, etc) then simply once the Height (or other dimensions) of the vehicle is entered the first time then it never needs to be changed. 
  • Once the vehicle is moving, the Device constantly compares the stored Bridge / Structure GPS Coordinates / Clearance Height with Vehicle Location Coordinates and Height.
  • Should the vehicle Load / Height (or dimensions) conflict with a Bridge / Structure on the vehicle’s travel route, the Device will provide audible (and or visual) warnings to the Driver as well as suggest alternative exits / routes.
  • Also can be used to provide Deceleration of the vehicle, Braking or even AEB is alerts are ignored.

LSM BridgeSense® + LSM TrainSense® Combination

As the devices function virtually the same, it then it is both pragmatic and cost-effective to combine the functions / features of both LSM BridgeSense® + LSM TrainSense® technology's into a Singular Safety Mitigation Device

2024- Feb National Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2023-2032.pdf
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For more information, please see the full details of the LSM mitigation controls at their weblinks or contact us.

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