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John Hunt is one of the most courageous Australian Truckie's that the LSM Team have ever met. Some some years ago John was involved in a truck accident that left him a paraplegic.

John Hunt is one of the most courageous Australian Truckie's that the LSM Team have ever met. Some some years ago John was involved in a truck accident that left him a paraplegic.

Rather than ponder about his demise, with encouragement from his young son and others he decided he would get back "onto the horse" and start his own contract bulk haulage company.

John of course received assistance from various sources and authorities such as the Spinal Injuries Association but it was his courage to get back into the seat of a truck, which had to be specialised / modified to accommodate his needs, as one can imagine- takes some time to get in and out off.

John's push to get back to normality was published in the Queensland news. The LSM Team were so amazed at his determination that we wanted to assist John in his visions. Subsequently, LSM installed a Vogel Autogreaser and a complete Camera System for his Iveco Rigid Tipper and Dog Tipper Trailer.

John was quite grateful and said "You can imagine how long it takes me to lubricate the Rigid and Trailer by myself- about two hours to complete, especially getting under and out of the vehicle. Now I can complete my checks under the vehicle on a weekly basis within 15 minutes".

John is also quite ecstatic about his Orlaco Camera System.

Again John went on to say" I have a Camera on the blind side of the truck and now I can see virtually from the rear axle to around the front of the bonnet- I no longer need to worry about public being on the blind side of the truck- as I can see them".

John goes on to say " There is a Camera at the back of the Rigid that allows me to "jack knife" the Dog so as I can unload.

Then a Camera at the rear of the Dog Trailer assists to straighten the vehicle and then back the Trailer up to unload. The camera has lots of functions that assist me- especially the green line marker on the Monitor (for each camera), where I can position the back of the Trailer exactly where I want it".

He goes on to say "Can you image how much time this has saved me! I do not need spotters, I do not have to worry about backing into objects, so save on damaging my equipment.  I can unload safely and quickly and get back on the road again- this is the best thing since sliced bread- and saves me an enormous amount of time- even if I did not have my disability".

"Another aspect is that  I have limited body movement, so the Camera System lessens the strain on my back and neck, as I just view forward at the LCD Monitor to view each camera and manoeuvre.

There are so many more benefits in using the Orlaco Camera System and Vogel Autogreaser from LSM Technologies- too many to mention all of them"

The LSM Team are proud to have assisted John and we wish him all the best for the future.

As a post note, LSM received this very kind email from Phil Herse who was instrumental in getting John "re-started".

"Speaking for myself, I would like to extend my thanks to you for your generous support to John.

Your products have greatly assisted John to go about his job with ease and safety. From when you first contacted me with your amazing offer, I have been continuously surprised by your generosity and professionalism. Your products are excellent and I know now how beneficial to John. I have found your staff and service technicians knowledgeable and always very keen to help. The work carried out on John's truck has been excellent as your staff are obviously great tradesmen.

I feel privileged to have worked with you, Robyn, John and your staff and again thank you so much.

I will pass this story onto John who has recently told me that your generosity and product excellence have given him so much confidence and have solved many barriers to his employment".

Thank you again,

Phil Herse
Employment Consultant
Workplace Trainer & Assessor
Spinal Injuries Association

PO Box 5651
Telephone: (07) 3391 2044
Facsimile: (07) 3391 2088

LSM / Orlaco / Vogel assists John Hunt Bulk Haulage Services

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