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A-One+ Integrated Highway Services is a joint venture owned equally by Jacobs, Colas and Costain.

 A-One+ Integrated Highway Services have added a testimonial on their web site about their selection of our VT Banksman Auto-braking Reversing Radar and how it has reduced the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and specifically pedestrians. 

Active when reversing, the Banksman unit uses microwave radar which recognises objects that have entered the programmable field of vision, set up into 3 detection zones.

The driver is warned audibly and visually with an In-Cabin display. With the Banksman Autobraking, the brake is automatically applied if the danger is ignored within the final "red danger zone", preventing any collision.

See A-One+ Integrated Highway Services  test video below:

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A-One+ Integrated Highway Services (Jacobs, Colas and Costain) Services- selects Banksman Radar + Autobraking Safety Technology for-Fleet

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