New 170 Degree, >10 Years No Failures, 200,000 Cameras / Multiple Viewing Angles

Published Saturday 20 Jan, 2018 by Peter Woodford

There are over 200,000 of our CCCameras operating in many heavy duty applications within Australia (Mining, Earthmoving, Cranes, Forklifts, etc). In the past >12 years LSM Technologies has supplied their engineering services and specialised Camera Viewing and Proximity Detection technology in arduous operating environments and to date we have never received one back for warranty- this is a proven testimonial that can not be claimed by other camera suppliers.

LSM Technologies Compact Colour Cameras (CCCameras) are filled with a dual-component automotive filler, meaning that the camera is completely sealed. The CCCameras are therefore guaranteed to be waterproof- IP69 and so even water vapour and dust are unable to penetrate the Camera. Their heavy duty construction means the Camera has improved resistance against shock and vibration. The housing is made of high-quality industrial plastic, which is resistant to dirt and aggressive fluids and will not corrode.

Our CCCamera orientation can be adjusted precisely using a mark in the housing and are available in multiple viewing Angles as 129°, 118°, 102°, 80°, 60°, 40° and 20°.

And now our new CCCameras 170° Degree Viewing Angle that provides extensive width of view- if fact, adjusted with a combination of vertical and horizontal angle can provide upto 270 degree of view.

Click on the images depicting the view of our Warehouse with a width of >60 metres and also the Rear View of  one of our Service Vehicle that no only provides a clear view of the rear but also approaching traffic. Also please view our video clip on the 170 Deg CCCamera below.

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