RESPA®- on Landfill Equipment- extends HVAC Service Life for >14,000 hours

Published Thursday 10 Mar, 2016 by Peter Woodford

Our RESPA® Cabin Pressurisers and Filtration Units are growing in popularity as being the solution for extending HVAC / Air- conditioning Service Life. One of our larger customers implemented our RESPA® Cabin Pressurisers / Filtration Units as well as our Upgraded Heavy HVAC Condensor and Air- conditioning Upgrades to their earthmoving plant in an enclosed Stock Pile building for Landfill Operations.

Their Air- conditioning System has operated without failure for more than 14,000 hours / 4 years of operation with calculated costs downs (not counting Production Loss), estimated to be in excess of >$30,000 / annum / machine.

As a result they:

  • No longer serviced or clean out the Evaporator every 200 hours (production loss).
  • No electrical equipment failures- eg radios.
  • Filter Service life has been extended from < 1 x Day to >1,000 hours.
  • No Air- conditioning failure or replaced  components to their Air- conditioning Systems.

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