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Jim had Vibration & Rim Balancing issues on his Motorcycle and his last resort was to use Ride- On Tyre Sealant and Balancer or replace his Rims & Tyres. Read what Jim had to say about Ride- on MOT.

30th June 2015:

"G'day Peter- once again I would just like to take the time to say a BIG thank you for selling such a SUPERIOR product in the Ride- on Tyre Sealant & Balancer".

"My bike now rides & handles better than it did when it was new. I had Vibration & Rim Balancing issues for a while & the only remedy I had was to get new Rims & Tyres.

"Mate, you have saved me a bundle & everything that was said about the Ride- on Tyre Sealant & Balancer is 100% on the money!"

Cheers mate- Jim Henry.

3rd August 2015:

Gday Peter- just a quick message to let you know that I've just clocked up just over 4250 kms since I added the MOT sealant & bike is more responsive now that the rims & tyres are all balanced.

It's such a joy to ride knowing I have confidence in the product which I know won't let me down. I never considered on getting a flat tyre on my bike & how deadly it can be but having the MOT tyre sealant & balancer applied to my bike, I ride now with ease".

"Once again buddy,thank you heaps for such a superior product & your "outstanding customer service".

Cheers mate- Jim Henry.

Ride- on solves Jim's Bike issues

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