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After losing a Kenworth Truck to a Tyre Fire while hauling Iron Ore, Dave Collins- owner of Collins Truck Parts - decided to take a preventative approach and contacted LSM Technologies to supply and install their MTR360 Multi-Tow Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring System onto his new Trucks.

According to Dave, not only does LSM Technologies MTR360 TMSystems provide live Tyre Pressure information, but also Tyre Temperature which he views that both aspects are critical to monitor and avoid such occurrences.

Tyre Fires can start as a result of a faulty wheel bearings and locked brake assembly and the MTR360 alerts the driver if the Tyre Air Temperature reaches >80 DegC, well before a fire can start.

Preventing Tyre Fires is one thing, but other major benefits for Dave’s operation is improving Driver and Workshop safety, while eliminating the need to spend hours in the Workshop Checking and Recording Tyre Pressure information. 

By using the In-Cab Display and our Smart Wireless Digital Hand Tool, Tyre Pressures and Temperature can be checked in the Workshop in a few seconds, not hours. 

But as Dave states “The real bonus is that we can do all this remotely with the LSM Technologies On-line Web Based SafetyTrax TMS Telemetry interface which provides detailed Reports and Analysis Reports, saving us hours in labour time costs”.

LSM Technologies On-line FSM™ System Telemetry / Web based interface provides live Pressure / Temperature Monitoring, Recording, Reporting and Alarm notification capabilities. This means one can quickly and safely check tyre pressures before during and after each haulage movement.

In the next 6 months, Dave will look to fit up his remaining Fleet of Haulage Trucks with the MTR360 Prime Mover Kits and eventually add the MTR360 Trailer/ Dolly Kits to complete the roll-out.

LSM Technologies MTR360 is the only TMSystems in the World that can monitor upto 180 x Tyres and 8 x Tow Vehicles and with live Telemetry Web based Reporting and Data collection.

LSM Technologies- providing Product Technologies & Technical Services that:

  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Extend Component Service Life.
  • Reduce Equipment Damage.
  • Enhance Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
  • Increase Productivity

See our MTR360 Video Clip.

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Collins Trucks chooses LSM Technologies MTR360 TMSystems to avoid Tyre Fires

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