RESPA Quality Cabin Air Systems- maximises protection of Operator & Air- conditioning Health on City Lawnmowers

Published Wednesday 17 Sep, 2014 by Tim Griffiths

Queensland City Councils have implemented RESPA Quality Cabin Air System on their Lawn Mowers to enhance protection of their Operators Health and extend the Service Life of their HVAC Systems.

In 2013- LSM Technologies RESPA Quality Cabin Air Systems where fitted on 30 x Lawn Mowers destined for a number of Queensland City Councils.

The objectives where to enhance the protection of the Operators Health, eliminate inundation of the Cabin with Particualte, improve Thermal conditions and extend the HVAC service life due to experiences with frequent failures.

Subsequently the John Deere supplier- Chesterfield- were charged with sourcing suitable technology to resolve these issues- and as a result LSM Technologies was chosen.

It has been more than 14 months now, all is still going well and the Operators enjoy the improvement with the enclosed Cabin and enhanced conditions.

Anyone knows that what it is like to work on an Open Cabin Lawn Mover when it comes to dust- but especially if one hits those lovely dried parcels left behind by "mans best Friend"!

LSM Technologies- providing Product Technologies & Technical Services that:

  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Extend Component Service Life.
  • Reduce Equipment Damage. 
  • Enhance Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
  • Increase Productivity

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