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Whenever travelling, Allan Whiting of Outback Travelling Australia never leaves without LSM Technologies Tyre Monitoring Systems and Ride- on Sealants / Balancers

Allan has been utilising LSM Technologies Doran Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and Ride- on Sealants / Balancers for some years now and continues to advocate the benefits of protecting his Tyres with both these technologies. Read Allan's latest article on repairing Flat Tyres on his web site.

In Allan's words: "Speed, weight and pressure are influences on punctures and our experience shows that if you can reduce speed, weight and pressure you’ll normally have fewer punctures. A tyre pressure monitoring system gives early warning of a slight leak, allowing you to plug the tyre before more damage is done. We’ve saved several tyres by using monitoring systems and wouldn’t go bush without one.".

"Internal tyre sealing treatments can seal small punctures as they occur. Tyre makers don’t like them because they block a hole without necessarily warning the driver that there was a puncture, but our experience testing Ride-On liquid is that if a hole is large enough to warrant a professional patching job, the sealant won't block the hole completely and a tyre pressure monitoring system detects the leak"

For more information how LSM Technologies can assist you with the latest in TMSystem Technology:

See Allan's Video Clip on Ride- on Tyre Sealants and Balancer Fluids

Allan Whiting never leaves on a Trip Bush without applying Ride- on Tyre Sealants  / Balancers

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