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ATVC - All Time Vision Camera- the latest in robust Cameras that is self cleaning- a must for "muddy and sticky" environments.

The ATVC Camera has a self cleaning mode where the Lens is built in a Glass Tube which can rotate via an industrial stepping motor.

Upon activation, water (eg: wiper fluid) is sprayed onto the glass surface via a nozzle, the rotation is activated and the glass surface is cleaned via a build in wiper. The stepping motor is controlled via the I/O Interface Box and activation is completed via the Video Monitor or an input in the I/O Interface Box.

For those that know / use our Compact Cameras, one of the special features is that dirt does not adhere to the Lens- so no need for cleaning in dusty conditions.

However in "sticky and muddy" conditions the ATVC All- Time- Vision Camera is the ideal system for such applications as the Compactor View of Garbage / Waste Trucks or Rear View on Timber Trucks / Trailers, etc.

Vehicle Operators who constantly work in muddy, snowy, or rainy conditions can now receive non-stop vision feedback with the ATVC All- Time- Vision- Camera. This revolutionary camera allows the operator to receive uninterrupted real-time camera images from the Camera, no matter the weather or working conditions.

Click on the RHSide Images to enlarge. Also see the video of our ATVCamera below. For more information or technical engineering advice on your application please either email or contact us.

ATVC Self- Cleaning Camera- All Time Vision Camera in all

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