Light Vehicles: RESPA Quality Cabin Air System Kits solving Fatigue and Co2, Particulate, Fibre , DPM Exposure

Published Tuesday 15 Oct, 2013 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies Engineering Team designing RESPA Quality Cabin Air Systems Kits for Light Vehciles. The RESPA Kit is ideally to solve Fatigue, Co2 Concentration, Particulate, DPM and Fibre exposure.

LSM Technologies Engineering Team are designing Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems that suites all types / makes / models of Mobile and Fixed Plant Cabins and Enclosures.

These Kits can be self- installed, although it is highly recommended that to secure warranty and compliance to Australian Health Exposure Standards that these Kits are installed and commissioned by LSM Technologies Technicians or our Authorised and Trained Resellers.

All our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems are designed for the specific machine Cabin with bracketing / support using existing ROPS and other take- off points. The Q-CABAIR™ Systems are configured with External and Recirculation Air RESPA Units and In- Cabin Pressure Sensor / Monitor / Alarm with safety in mind for accessing Filter Element replacement.

Filtration is either our specially designed Merv16+ or >H13 HEPA Grade- another first in the world for compliant Filter Media technology. Our specialised filter media provides the highest protection from exposure to Particulate, DMP (Diesel Particulate Matter) and Fibre (Asbestos, etc), as well as replacement intervals of upto 1,000 hours.

RESPA has been fully tested by NIOSH and the Queensland Mines Inspectorate.

Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems  have been proven and recognised as the latest in Air Filtration and Cabin Pressurisation Solutions.

Since the technology was released in 2009, our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems and RESPA PFP Units have been installed on thousands of Mobile and Fixed Plant Cabins in Australia and Internationally.RESPA has proven to provide:

  • Health: Highest protection of Operators Health to OEL Legislation Compliance for Airborne Particulate, Fibre and DPM Exposure.
  • Increased Safety: Avoids Co2 concentration in the Cabin that can cause fatigue, micro- sleeps, drowsiness and acidosis.
  • Savings: Enormous savings with extension of Filter Element / HVAC Service Life, as well as reduction in Labour costs.
  • Maintenance Cost- downs: Elimination of premature failure of HVAC Systems- savings in maintenance and component replacement cost can be between $5,000 / $15,000 / annum per HVAC.
  • Increased Productivity: Reduced HVAC maintenance, failure and extended filter element service life means more Productivity of the Machine- and Operator.

LSM Technologies are committed to providing its customers with Engineering Solutions that enhance Health and Safety, Equipment Damage Control, Maintenance and Productivity.

Specify LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Systems  / RESPA PFP Unit for all your Mobile and Fixed Plant.

If you need more information or technical engineering advice on your application please contact us.