Komatsu Dozer gets new lease of life with LSM Technologies / Sy- klone Engine Air Precleaner's

Published Saturday 12 Oct, 2013 by Peter Woodford
A Mining Operator's Dozer Engine was under- performing as the Engine Air- intake System Filter Element was "choking" after only a few hours of operation. LSM Technologies was asked to assist with the issue and design / select an Engine Air Precleaner Solution.

LSM Technologies Engineering Team were asked to investigate the cause for the short Filter Element service life and if we could provide a solution to improve performance of the Dozer engine and extend Filter replacement intervals.

On investigation and calculation of engine data, it was found that the current Engine Air- intake Precleaners were undersized for the Engines duty.

Further investigation revealed that the undersized Precleaners were selected on the basis that the top domes would not interfer with each other when mounted on the Engine Air in- takes.

The solution was simple, LSM Technologies Team:

  • Calculated and selected the Series 9000 Engine Precleaners on the Engine data / configuration.
  • Designed and produced special Adaptations to fit the Air- intake stacks so as the Precleaners would not interfer.

As a result, Filter Element service life was increased from <1 day to >10 days.

The Operator of the machine was a Contractor with his own Komatsu D275 Dozer and was so impressed with the increased Engine performance of the Komatsu D475  and the extension of the Filter Element service life that he contacted LSM Technologies and purchased a Series 9000 Kit for his machine.

Designing and selecting the correct Precleaner System for your Engine Air intake will not only extended Filter Element service life but also:

  • Increase Engine performance.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Save labour costs for frequent Filer replacement. 
  • Avoid Turbo / Engine Wear / Failure as a result of "sucking holes" in the Filter media.
  • Reduce down- time and so increase Productivity.

And LSM Technologies where asked if we could do more? The answer is yes- by later installing a Sy- klone OPTIMAX Dual Stage Precleaner System that could deliver upto another 50% extension in Filter Service Life

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