Dave's Series 9000 Installation on his H3 Alpha V8 will improve his Excellent Adventures!

Published Saturday 12 Oct, 2013 by Peter Woodford

Dave Hunter, a.k.a. "Hunner" of Arkansas, a photographer and off-road enthusiast, built up a 2008 H3 Alpha V8 for and uses our Series 9000 Engine Precleaner for his "excellent adventures" .

His areas of exploration include more than 3 million acres of National Forest in Arkansas in search of waterfalls and scenic areas. He drove over 4000 miles on a trip thru 9 states to see the West. Travels included great places like the Sedona area and the Mojave Desert Road with his friend Tom and Hummer X Club forum members "Unixdude" and "Vrtlofc". He and Tom went on trails around Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Kodachrome Basin, and Arches National Park in Moab Utah, and trails in the surrounding areas.

He went back and explored Capitol Reef National Park with forum members Neo and F5stop in their H3’s. On the way back thru Colorado he explored old silver mining trails in the Ouray area.
For parts of the journey his Hummer H3 would be the only vehicle, so it had to be relied upon to carry him through the more remote areas here in the USA.

One concern was the fine red dust always present in everything! Also the rock dust on the mining trails. He decided on the stock paper element for the best filtration off-road but used a free flowing oil sprayed media for performance on the Highways and in higher elevations. He went thru two of the paper elements.

The stock air intake on the H3 Alpha is an in-closed box and takes air from inside the passenger side fender well. While protected from objects with a fender liner, this is an area low enough to ingest dust from the wheels which was kicked up while following other vehicles in these dry desert areas.

Planning to return out West, he fabricated a more direct intake from the air box to throttle body. He decided a Safari Snorkel recently made for the H3 could solve part of the concern of clean air intake. The snorkel would work for pulling in cooler more dense air from higher up where there seems to be less dust. It would be a margin of safety if a stream had to be forded or if a miscalculation of depth or chug holes were encountered.

However, to solve the intake of small airborne chaff and debris as well as a portion of the airborne dust, there had to be something better.

He caught up with Nugget (see his story at this link) on the Club Hummer Offroad forums. Nugget from Australia had found the solution. Nugget’s results using the snorkel and a Sy-Klone precleaner Series 9000 on his H3 to reduce the dirt to the air cleaner on an extended trip in the outback convinced Dave to join what they now call the “precleaner coalition.”

Dave plans to test it soon - look for his next report!

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