CME Award for CITIC / RESPA Quality Cabin Air System Technology

Published Thursday 27 Jun, 2013 by Peter Woodford

Recently the Chamber of Minerals and Energy Safety (CME) recognised CITIC Pacific Mining for their outstanding performance and innovation in the area of Safety and Health in reference to LSM Technologies / Sy- klone RESPA Quality Cabin HEPA Air Filtration and Pressurisation Technology in the upcoming Safety and Health Innovations Award for 2013.

LSM Technologies are the distributors within Australasia for Sy- klone International RESPA Quality Cabin HEPA Air Technology for Mobile and Fixed Plant (see Inside Safety News Article June 2013 below).

In 2008, LSM Technologies introduced the RESPA Filtration Quality Cabin  HEPA Air Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser (PFP) Technology to the Australasian workplace to maximise protection of our customers Human and Equipment Assets.  

RESPA PFP Technology has been extensively tested and proven by NIOSH and Queensland Mines Inspectorate Health Surveillance Unit (see reports attached below). 

LSM Technologies has worked / consulted with CITIC Pacific Mining and WorkAir Australia and for many years in using our Patented RESPA and HEPA Grade Filter Media Technology's.

LSM Technologies are proud to be associated with CITIC Pacific Mining and applaud their initiatives, to not only enhance Safety + Health Protection of their workforce but also the considerable cost- downs that RESPA provides with extension of Filter Element Service Life and HVAC Maintenance.

Over the past 5 years LSM Technologies has:

Many large Operations in the Mining, Cement, Quarrying, Construction Industries have established LSM Technologies / RESPA Quality Cabin HEPA Air Technology as standard on the Cabins of their Mobile and Fixed equipment. Please see our News Section for a few examples.

LSM Technologies focus is to provide our Industry with the latest Engineering Services and unique Product technologies that will:

  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Extend Component Service Life.
  • Reduce Equipment Damage.
  • Enhance Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
  • Increase Productivity.

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