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LSM Technologies adds Ride- on Sealants and Balancers Calculator and On- line Shop.

LSM Technologies has added a few features to its web site to assist their customers in selecting and purchasing some of our Specialised Product Technologies.

Ride- on Select + Calculate + Install + Purchase:

This feature provides for a 6 x Step approach to selecting, calculating and purchasing your requirements for our Ride- on Tyre Sealants and Balancers for any Vehicle Tyre application:   

  • Step 1. Select TPS: Select your Ride- on Formulation.
  • Step 2. Calculate Dosages: Calculate the Dosages for each Tyre.
  • Step 3. Select Quantity: Select the packaging amount you need your given number of Vehicles and Tyres.
  • Step 4. Installation: Select your Applicator based upon your selected Formulation, number of Tyres and Vehicles.
  • Step 5. More Protection: To add to the Protection and Cost- downs for your Tyres / Vehicle and Operator Safety, see the synergistic benefits and savings that can be attained by using other LSM's additional Technologies.
  • Step 6. Purchase: Now you can makes your purchase based upon your selection (s).   

On- line Shop.

As you know, LSM Technologies provides Heavy Duty and Unique Specialised Product Technologies for Industry. However, as we provide high quality and robust products, some of our technologies have also been in demand for Domestic Vehicles as well.

So as to offer our domestic users an easier way to select and shop, we have established our On- line Shop to purchase your requirements for such domestic vehicle applications as Cars, Caravans, Lawnmowers, ATV's, Motorcycles, RV's, etc.  

On- line Shop categories are for:

  • Ride- on Tyre Sealants and Balancers.  
  • Doran Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Please note that due to the complexity of configurations for Industry Applications, you will still need to Contact us for design, selection, pricing and installation.

Ride- on On- line Calculator + Online Shop

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