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Ray Cully a renowned Journalist and Photographer for various magazines and resident 4x4 Journalist for the West Australian Newspaper headed off around Australia and tested our Ride- on AUTO / SUV Tyre Sealant / Balancer and RV360 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Ray headed off for a around Australia trip and wanted to ensure that his 4WD and Van Tyres were protected and monitored for Safety, Fuel Economy and Puncture proofed and so added to his 4 x 4  / Caravan Rig LSM Technologies Ride- on AUTO / SUV Tyre Sealant / Balancer and RV360 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Ray has kept in contact with LSM Technologies during his travels and provided some stunning images (click on "View Slideshow"- top RHS corner) of our beautiful Australian landscape that certainly does our country great justice.   

For more information on Ray's review and experiences with LSM Technologies Doran TPMSystems / Ride- on Sealants and Balancers see his review "4WD: Tyres under Pressure" in the West Australian Motoring Section- April 2013.

You may also recall another renowned 4 x 4 Journalist Allan Whiting of Outback Travelling Australia and his test report (see this news article- Feb 2012)  who has now over 60,000 kms with his Doran and Ride- on without issue.

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Ray Cully- renowned 4 x 4 Journalist tests / endroses our TPMSystems & Ride- on Tyre Sealants / Balancers

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