Major Mine Operator selects LSM Collision Safety- RadarEye Systems for LeTourneau Dozers

Published Thursday 9 May, 2013 by Peter Woodford

Major Mine Operator selects RadarEye Camera / Proximity Detection Systems for LeTourneau Dozers to enhance Safety.

Major Mine Operator selects RadarEye Camera / Proximity Detection Systems for LeTourneau Dozers to enhance Safety.

Due to vehicle interactions and equipment damage our customer investigated a number of different technologies to assist them in their endeavours to mitigate such situations with their wheeled LeTourneau Dozers.

LSM Technologies / Orlaco RadarEye Solutions where chosen with Cameras to improve Operator visibility around these very large machines and Proximity Detection to augment the improved Operator Visibility / Awareness.

Major components of the RadarEye Camera / Radar Solution were:

  • 1 x 7" RLED RadarEye Monitor.
  • 3 x CCCameras- LHSide + RHSide + Rear Views.
  • 3 x Radar Sensor Sets  LHSide + RHSide + Rear Views.

The Camera Solution capabilities are:

  • Camera Selection: Capability to select a Single Camera View .via Joy Stick Control
  • Monitor Viewing: The 7" RLED Monitor is a light weight, compact heavy duty, high resolution, designed to provide optimum viewing in high bright and low light conditions.
  • Radar + Camera Integration: Our Camera System already provides a "scanning" feature (scans all views in sequence) during start- up or on demand (pushbutton on LCD Monitor). To add to this safety feature, the Radar Sensors are locked to their respective camera(s) and should any of the Radar Sensors detect an object that is attached to multiple cameras then the camera view will oscillate between the detected views.
  • Reduced Operator Interaction: LSM Technologies configures their Camera Solutions to maximise safety and minimise the need for Operator intervention. With the addition of the RadarEye, this is completed by:
    1. When the Operator selects a Gear- eg Reverse- then the Rear Camera View immediately appears on the LCD Monitor.
    2. If a Radar Sensor detects an object it will automatically show the respective Camera View on the LCD Monitor.
    3. A Joy Stick is installed that allows the Operator to quickly change / override a view manually on the fly.
    4. Camera views are automatically scanned during start- up and on demand by pushing a button on the LCD screen keypad.
  • Robust and Durable: Like all our Orlaco Camera components, the RadarEye Sensors are also very robust and built "fit- for- purpose" in arduous operating environments.

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