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LSM Technologies are proud to announce our Distirbutor in South Australia- HeavyAir Pty Ltd.

LSM Technologies are proud to announce our new Distributor in South Australia- HeavyAir Pty Ltd.

HeavyAir specialise in Air Conditioning / HVAC Systems for Heavy Industry utilised in Mining  / Earthmoving / Agriculture, Construction Vehicles, etc.

HeavyAir has been establish since 2000 and lead by Phil Wilkins who has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of HVAC Systems and Heavy Vehicle Cabins servicing major companies, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Case Nissan & Toyota.

HeavyAir will provide full back- up installation, configuration and commissioning of our specialised RESPA PFP Systems.

RESPA PFP Systems are quickly becoming an international standard for maximum protection of your Human and HVAC Assets from exposure of Airborne Particulate, Fibres and Gas for both Mobile and Fixed Plant.

LSM Technologies looks forward to working closely with HeavyAir  in delivering the extensive benefits that are derived from our Specialised Product Technologies

Contact details for HeavyAir Pty Ltd are below:

Phil Wilkins
HeavyAir Pty Ltd

19 North Terrace

Ph: 08 82683223
Fax: 08 82683231
Web Site:

HeavyAir Pty Ltd LSM Technologies- Distributor in South Australia

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