Heavy Haulage Operator- Sy- klone Series 9000 Engine Precleaner saves Time, Money and improves Safety

Published Saturday 12 Oct, 2013 by Peter Woodford
Sy-Klone Engine Precleaner Series 9000 on Heavy Haulage Power Trailer extends Filter Service Life, Protects Engine and enhances Safety.

A large Heavy Haulage Operator completed an evaluation of our Sy-Klone Engine Precleaners on their Power Trailers

Previously the Engine Air- intake System consisted of a Dust Bowl positioned high at the end of the Trailer, in an endeavour to reduce dust impact.

The Dust Bowl was attached to extensive piping routed to the Engine's Radial Housing that contained the Filter and also a Strata- tube type Precleaner.

Service life of the Filter was only reaching 12 hours (at maximum restriction) maximum before having to remove the Air filter and replace it with a new one.

These Trailers work 24/7 and only come back to the workshop for a shift change or a maintenance issue. 

The Dust Bowl has to be cleaned daily which not only caused unnecessary downtime but due to the mounting position near the top of the bin access was via a ladder, so a potential safety / health issue. 

In the words of the site supervisor "was a real hassle to empty and clean them out".

LSM Technologies designed a Series 9000 Precleaner installation by:

  • Removing the blocked and non- operational Strata- tube Precleaner section.
  • Directly installed the Series 9000 Engine Precleaner at the Engine itself. This meant that access to the Precleaner was at ground level and so eliminated the safety  / health risk.
  • Extensive savings in future Trailer builds were secured as Air - intake piping along the Trailer was no longer required.

LSM Technologies design, adaptations and installation has now provided our customer with better protection of their engines, a safer, healthier and less expensive design, as well as they are now reaching 100+ hours before changing out the Filter Element.

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