Volvo A35D Articulated Dump Truck - No HVAC maintenance in 6 years in Landfill Operation!

Published Tuesday 8 Mar, 2011 by Peter Woodford

Volvo A35D Articulated Dump Truck with RESPA Precleaner / Filtration / Cabin Pressuriser System and no HVAC maintenance in 6 years of Landfill Operation.

Recent interviews with the operator and head mechanic in a Florida Landfill reveal this incredible story.


A major maintenance issue in landfill operations is operator cab Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. Typically the HVAC requires a major service every 3-4 months of operating time in a landfill. According to the maintenance supervisor a properly functioning HVAC makes a huge difference in Machine Productivity because Operators can be exposed to high heat, humidity and odours in the cab. A properly functioning HVAC is critical path to maintaining a productive machine operator.

The A35D pictured above was purchased 6 years ago to haul dirt to cover the garbage. It runs constantly and is exposed to huge amounts of airborne particulate, odours and flying landfill debris.

Win- Win

RESPA HVAC Precleaner/ Filter/ Cabin Pressuriser System was fitted..

According to the head mechanic who has serviced this machine since it was new, it has never had a service done to the HVAC system. The operator reports that the HVAC works flawlessly with the HVAC producing “like new” amounts of cold air. The Cabin, even after 6 years of run time, is still pressurised.

The RESPA has provided no only OH&S protection for the Operator but also much lower cost of operations.

Truly a win-win.