NSW Variety Bush Bash use RESPA- keeps the Dust out of their Charity Bash Cars

Published Tuesday 6 Nov, 2012 by Peter Woodford

In 2011 and 2012, LSM Technologies donated a couple of RESPA's to Charity contributors of the Variety Club Bush Bash so as to keep dust out of their vehicles- please read their testimonials:

"Dear Peter,

Belated but sincere thank you for your support, technical assistance & supply of the RESPA – SD unit for our Bash Car. The system worked fantastic, efficient, quiet & left us with a completely dust free vehicle. We mounted a fan on the back shelf of the cabin of the Fairlane to pressurise the boot – no dust in there  either.

The dust free car created a great deal of interest giving us the opportunity of telling many “Bashers” about your product. The 2011 Bash goes from Sydney to Broome commencing in early August, via the Gibb River road in the Kimberleys of WA. As there will be plenty of dust there should be a great deal of interest in how clean our car is. If you would like to despatch a couple of dozen of your business cards to me at P.O. Box 7, Cessnock. NSW 2325 I will gladly do some marketing for you.

On behalf of our team David Dent, Max Withers & myself thanks for your generous support- Kind Regards, Ian Packer"- Cam- Way Estate. Unit

For more information about our RESPA or please contact us.

And also from Bob Shackell:

"We enter our 1968 Ford Falcon in the “Variety the Children’s Charity Bash NSW” and have completed 4 bashes raising approximately $39,400 in total for children with special needs.

The Bash is an amazing motoring event for pre 1974 cars.  The bash route distance average is about 4750km, mostly on substandard dirt roads, through national parks, forestry and private properties that would be mainly suited to four wheel drive vehicles.  For some cars road side repairs include broken suspensions, shocky mounts ripped out, broken axles and radiators.  But the frustrating issue we all have is dust entry.  Although all door and boot seals have been replaced, it is incredible where the dust gets in.  It even makes its way into the roof lining and drops out through the interior light.  After a bit of research we approached L.S.M. Technologies to see if they could provide a solution for our problem.

It didn’t take long for the boys at LSM. Technologies to work out what was needed, and provided us with a RESPA quality car air pressure filter system.  The unit is compact, powerful and easy to install.  The 2012 Variety Bash travelled about 2700km on dirt and dusty roads including Cape York.  I was totally surprised how well the RESPA unit performed.  No dust entry anywhere, not even in the boot.  It was so good to finish the day on dusty roads nice and clean and no dust on or in our bags in the boot.  Judging from the interest in the unit from other entrants, I reckon L.S.M Technologies will be getting a few more enquiries.

I can only imagine how beneficial the RESPA units would be in the mining, earthmoving and transport industries operating in severe conditions, not only preventing dust entering the cabins but also filtering the outside air while pressuring the cabin- Regards- Bob Shackell- Shackell Transport"

You can download Bob's written testimonial below.