Synergies of RIDE- ON + DORAN TPM Systems saves LSM Technologies MD- Twice!

Published Friday 22 Apr, 2011 by Peter Woodford
Well there is nothing like personal experience to prove that one has selected the best technology to offer their customers! Recently our Managing Director- Peter Woodford had a couple of experiences that did just that- and here is his "testimonials"!

Well there is nothing like personal experience to prove that one has selected the best technology to offer their customers! Recently our Managing Director- Peter Woodford had a couple of experiences that did just that- and here is his "testimonials"!

All our company vehicles are installed with our RIDE- ON Tyre Sealants and Doran TPMSystems (Tyre pressure Monitoring Systems) and I know that we saved extensively on fuel, tyre life extension, least alone productivity and safety through the use of these unique technologies.

We have many testimonials from end- users around the world, but there is nothing like one's own personal experiences to reinforce the enormous benefits that the synergies of these product technologies can provide to our customers.

Some background data- Peter has both these technologies installed in his vehicle and the tyre set- point pressures are cold 240 Kpa front and rear. For more than 25,000 kms the he states that "I have had little tyre wear and also have not had the need to re- pressurise the tyres over this distance so I am very pleased with the performance to date". And then I had two incidents not to far apart and Ride- on + Doran TPMS really saved my bacon!"

Testimonial #1.

I was visiting in hospital late one night and when I got back in the car and began to drive the Doran TPMS started to alert that I had low pressure (loose of about 26kpa) in my front passenger side tyre.

Being about 20kms from home I did not really want to be on the side of the road changing a 60 kg tyre on a 2.5 tonne 4 x 4- at night- and of course- as it always happens- it was raining!

I then drove for about 5 kms and monitored the tyre pressure which was diminishing slowly. Driving further was able to observe that with the small loss in pressure I could get home without issue and then worry about investigating the cause once I arrived home- on arriving home I decided to address the issue in the morning, as it was late at night- and still raining.

The next morning I checked the Doran TPMSystem and the pressure in the offending tyre was still at 200 kpa, so decided it was safe to drive. Monitoring the pressure I was able to get to my tyre service centre to investigate and repair.

The injury I found was a large cap screw that had entered the side section of the tyre and had remained in the tyre. Now I know that the Ride- on Sealant only protects the Crown section of the tyre (see the images on the RHS) but obviously there was enough Ride- on to seal around the injury / screw- otherwise the air loss would have been very rapid indeed.

It was decided that due to the location of the injury we would complete a plug repair, I "bumped" the Ride -on into the injured area to give better seal around the plug and kept it as the spare- occasionally I check it and to date it is still pressurised.

Testimonial #2.

A few weeks later, after the first incident, it was pouring rain (again) and no more than 1.0 km from home the Doran TPMS started to alert indicating that my drivers side rear tyre was losing pressure.

Monitoring the tyre pressure I observed that within another 2.0 km's the pressure was dropping rapidly and at about 100 kpa I know that I would not make it to work this time and so had to take corrective action- and quickly.

It was 7.00 am and I was on the outside lane of a three lane main road and it was peak- hour traffic. Subsequently I had enough time to move my way across three lanes of congested traffic and find an entrance to a shopping centre where I was able to park safely and change my tyre- which by this time was dead- flat.

Now as mentioned earlier, there is nothing enjoyable about changing a tyre on a 2.5 tonne vehicle in the pouring rain on a gravel drive- but at least I had plenty of space to do this safely / easily and not be caught in the middle of traffic, with "road raging" drivers and waiting for the Road Side Service to come- which would have been the best of 2-3 hours at this time of morning / traffic.

On arriving to work I found that the tyre had been penetrated on the side wall section with a arrow- headed stone of more that 20 mm- so this was a tyre replacement, which I reinstalled with Ride- on and the Doran  Sensor.


I am sure that my tyres have had other injuries that I am unawares. The advantages of the Ride- on Sealants is that if the injury goes into the tyre and out then I receive a permanent seal, with no pressure loss. But I also know that if the injury is more severe or larger that the synergies of both the Ride- on and the Doran TPMS will save me considerably.  

In both the above situations, the Ride- on and Doran TPMS worked together to provided synergies that:

  • Warned me of the loss of pressure in the tyres.
  • I was able to monitor the situation and take the appropriate / safe correction action.
  • Allowed me to "limp" through to service / repair my tyres, safely and without a major issue.
  • Saved rims and vehicles from consequently damage.

We have thousands of testimonials like mine from both domestic and commercial users of the Ride- on and Doran TPMS over the past 10- 20 years that these product technologies have been in the market.

Even my wife and son have had three injuries (known ones) that have saved their tyres over the past two years, as well as company's service vehicles. But again there is nothing like having ones own personal experience (s) to set it all in "stone" that Ride- on and Doran TPMS are an essential necessity- for any pneumatic tyre on any vehicle!

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