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During a recent travel to the USA, Peter visited a few of Ride- on's customers with one significant end- user- Robertson's Ready Mix- is a large Transport and Quarrying company that experiences extensive savings with the use of the Ride- on CHS Tyre Protection System- Tyre Sealants

Robertsons are a large Cement and Aggregate company with thousands of Trucks / Trailers in their fleet(s). At one site that I visited, they operate over 600 Trucks / Trailers.

What was interesting is that only two (2) tyre fitters maintained the complete fleet with over 6,000 tyres to manage!

On enquiring as to how they were able to manage so many tyres I was told that it was due to the quality and benefits provided by Ride- on Tyre Sealants due to:

  • Tyre Pressure Management: Normally we loose about 10-12 psi / month in our tyres, Now with the Ride- on we are lucky to loss 1-2 psi (if at all) and so re- pressurising can be between 3-6 months. Re- pressurising tyres takes more than 200 man hours to complete and this would have be on a 2-4 week basis if we were to correctly maintian tyre set- point pressures.
  • Punctures: Virtually all our punctures are eliminated. When we do get a large one, likely a large stone penetration, the Driver can normally "limp" the truck into us as the Ride- on will prevent rapid loss of air- so call- outs and catastrophic failures are few.
  • Tyre Life: Look at the even wear across the tyres- we know that with limited catastrophic failure, better set- point air pressures and puncture sealing that we get a lot longer service life out of these tyres- less tyre changes- less labour.

If one was to complete a ROI (return- on investment) calculation for this sites fleet, the savings could be estimated to be more than $2.0 million / annum to the bottom line just in Fuel Economy, Tyre Service Life, reduction in Puncture / Catastrophic failures and Balancing.

In labour alone for extending re- pressurisation of Tyres, there is more than 5,000 hours saving / annum (based upon re-pressurising every 4 weeks at 3 minutes / tyre).

Other significant benefits are increased Safety, effects on Blow- outs (fenders, covers, etc), Productivity deadlines, etc, etc.

Another testimonial to thousands of others that enjoy the costs- downs and significant advantages provide by the high quality and performance of Ride- on Tyre Protection System Sealants.

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Robertsons saves with RIDE- ON Tyre Sealants

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