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LSM Technologies has developed a DYI-RESPA SD+SDX+ICPSensor Kit for those that wish to complete their own installations on Fixed Cabins.

LSM Technologies has developed a DYI-RESPA SD+SDX+ICPSensor Kit for those that wish to complete their own installations on Fixed Cabins.

A detailed instruction set is provided with procedures for Installation / Testing and Commissioning of an LSM Technologies RESPA “Clean Air” Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser (PFP) System to Fixed Cabin  / Enclosures (e.g. Crusher Cabin / Electrical Enclosure / Weigh Bridge Cabin).

All major components for the Kit are supplied consisting of:

  • RESPA SD- External Air PFP Unit.
  • RESPA SDX - Recirculation Air PFP Unit.
  • ICPSensor (In Cabin Pressure Sensor)- Monitors Cabin Pressurisation.
  • Power Transformer / Enclosure Unit (optional).
  • Ducting / Tubing / Venting and Ancillaries

The objectives for the RESPA Cabin “Clean Air” PFP System are to reduce dust / particulate exposure and to secure:

  • Reduce OEL (Operator Exposure Limits) within the Cabin: Australian OEL Standards- Australia Safework legislation (1003- 1995- Exposure Standards Atmospheric Contaminants) and ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) levels.
  • Extend HVAC Service Life: Eliminate airborne particulate from causing premature failure of HVAC Evaporator, Fan / Motor Unit and blockage of Ducting / Vents.
  • Maximise Filter Element Service Life.
  • Reduce Maintenance / Labour costs and loss of associated Productivity

The RESPA Kit can be provided with the following options which can be determined at the time of order:

  • Filter Elements: The RESPA System can be fitted with either P2 / Merv 16+ or P3 / Merv 17- Hepa Filter Elements- standard is Merv16+.
  • RESPA PFP Units / Voltage: RESPA and ICPSensor Units can be ordered as 12 VDC (24 VDC is standard).
  • Power Connection / Transformer Enclosure: Can be provided in other power inputs and to suite RESPA’s / ICPSensor voltage (standard is 110 volt / 240 VAC Power input and 24 VDC).

Important Note:

The standard RESPA System Kit is for dealing with exposure to airborne Particulate Matter and not Toxic Gases. Should a RESPA System be required where there is exposure to Toxic Gases then Activated Carbon Units may need to be added- consultation with LSM Technologies is needed for supply of the correct configuration / design. 

RESPA-SD+ SDX+ICPSensor "Clean Air" Systems are available for Mobile and Fixed Plant Cabins / Enclosures.

RESPA is a proven technology in providing Clean Air Quality, extended HVAC Service Life and the longest Filter Element exchange intervals for Fixed or Mobile plant Operator Cabins. 

See our Product Information for more details.

If you require further information, please contact us.

LSM Technologies- New DYI Fixed Cabin RESPA Kit

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