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As like with many Tyre OEM's, Inovex Co has maintained close relationships over the past nearly two (2) decades due to the proven performance of their specialised Ride- on TPS (Tyre Protection System) Tyre Sealants.

Recently, Ride- on and Michelin co- exhibited at Michelin Open House events in Southern California.

This is a clear testimonial as to how the combination of a Tyre OEM and specialised Tyre Sealant manufacturer can bring to the customer the ultimate solution to providing enhanced Safety, Productive and Costs Downs in Tyre Wear, Fuel Consumption, Tyre Flats / Failure, etc.

Combining the benefits of the Michelin XONE Super Single Tyre and Ride- on TPS- CHS (Commercial High Speed) Tyre Sealant formulation, will certainly assist the Trucking Industry.

One one only knows what it is like to change a +100kg tyre out in 46 deg C on the side of the road with a tight schedule and especially if it is the inside Dual or a Super Single!

Pictured is the Senior Fleet Account Manager from Michelin North America and the Ride- on guys from Inovex.

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