Orlaco Camera Vewing Solutions fits into TNT’s corporate social responsibility policy

Published Thursday 8 Nov, 2007 by Peter Woodford / Leen De Boer- Orlaco NL
Public safety and preventing / reducing damages remains priorities for TNT Holland.

Safety and preventing / reducing damages remains priorities for TNT Holland.

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Road transport plays an important role in the postal industry. TNT Post is the biggest postal services distributor in The Netherlands and has a fleet of 285 vehicles with a maximum average weight (G.V.W.) of above 3.500 kg.  In the last year, TNT has equipped 165 of their vehicles with Orlaco’s Front vision cameras, of which 51 vehicles were also equipped with Rear vision cameras.

Mr. Jeroen Don, TNT Post Transport’s fleet coordinator comments: “I am extremely satisfied with the Orlaco vision cameras. The cameras have in a short amount of time proven their worth as well as their outstanding technology and superior quality.” TNT takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously.

One of these responsibilities is for TNT to find ways to reduce damages caused by collisions or accidents. Orlaco plays an important role in the industry by supplying vision solutions for the specialised postal transport sector which ensure safer and more efficient working conditions and have a positive effect on road safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By equipping the fleet of TNT Post Transport vehicles with Front and Rear vision camera systems, TNT aims to prevent and reduce the amount of damages and costs caused by vehicles involved in collisions and accidents.

Damage prevention and damage reduction receive top priority in TNT’s safety policy and fit into TNT’s corporate social responsibility concept. A reduction in damages to the fleet of vehicles will in addition have a positive influence on lowering the costs of insurance premiums.

Orlaco Camera Systems play an important role in increasing safety and reducing damages. The prevention and reduction of damages is however not only influenced by whether a vehicle is equipped with cameras but also by the amount of risk involved in a location, the type of vehicle and the attitude of the drivers.

All of the above were enough reason for TNT to take action and equip all her vehicles with cameras.

Jeroen Don coordinates TNT Post Transport’s fleet of vehicles from the head office in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands. The company is also located in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Nieuwegein, Rotterdam and Zwolle.

One of the main motivations for TNT to install the Orlaco cameras was to improve and guarantee the safety of all employees, as well as create a safer working area and a safer fleet of vehicles. “One of our previous fleet managers came across Orlaco and the Orlaco product range at a show and we immediately started investigating the products. I coordinate all new investments and developments at TNT and we instantly started to get the ball rolling”, comments Don.


TNT’s objective is to reduce the amount of accidents, damages and costs. The company needs to meet their objective in order ensure lower monthly insurance premiums. Don: “Our policy is to reduce damages and this is why we have chosen for the Orlaco cameras. In the last year we have been successful in meeting our damage reduction goal and as a result our insurance premium has not been increased.” TNT is also doing research and accurately recording all damages.

The research is based on Jeroen Don’s damage prevention plan that is used as a guideline in order to reduce damages and to make clear what the tasks and responsibilities are. “In this way we can overview damages a find if they are linked in any way. Our goal is to take a critical look at all the gathered information and evaluate whether damages are incidental or whether there is a common denominator amoungst the damages”, says Don.

Jeroen Don is realistic as he comments: “Damage prevention is not only influenced by the use of cameras but also by the amount of risk involved per location, the type of vehicle and the attitude and amount experience a driver has. It is however beyond dispute that the cameras help our drivers enormously when they are faced with unfamiliar, dangerous situations.

At the moment we are also equipping a large number of our semi-trailers with rear vision cameras. In a nutshell, we are investing quite a lot at the moment.” According to Don, the Orlaco Front and Rear vision cameras have shown an immediate effect on reducing the amount of damages.

Are the Orlaco systems suitable for other companies?

Jeroen Don is convinced that every company can benefit from reducing damages. “At TNT we have always been active in motivating our employees and focusing on reducing damages and we have certainly reaped the benefits.” Don also emphasises that ‘prevention thinking’ should be present in the whole organisation.

“At TNT we keep our employees informed and up to date with the latest figures and facts. We consider it a challenge to keep everyone aware and informed at all times.” He also mentions that: “When the amount of damages decreases, an effect can be seen immediately in a reduction of costs for repairs, lower insurance premiums and less time-out with vehicles off the road and therefore a safer and more productive fleet.

"Orlaco Camera Systems definitely prove their moneys worth in a short period of time!”.

About TNT Post

TNT Post B.V. was founded in 1799, more than two centuries ago. TNT processes daily in the Netherlands around 18 million postal items for more than 7 million delivery points. TNT provides businesses and consumers with an extensive range of services for their mail collection, sorting, transport and distribution of letters and packages. They are also specialised in data capture activities, document management, direct mail, e-commerce and international post. TNT Post is increasing her international activities in Europe and Asia and a lot of interest has been shown in services that convert electronic data to physical post. TNT Post employees worldwide more than 80.000 people. Over 2005, TNT reported € 3.900 million in revenues. For further information please refer to www.tntpost.nl

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