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After evaluating the LSM Technologies Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems (TMS) and Online Telematics Fleet Management System on their Heavy Haulage Truck Fleet and HME for more than 12 months, BGC Contracting ( has given the "Green Light" to continue implementing our technology across their WA and SA mining operations.

BGC Contracting engaged LSM Technologies Perth based partner- Westate Mining Supplies-  to provide TMSystems (Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems) on a number of Komatsu Dump Trucks and 74 x Wheel Truck / Trailer Road-Trains at BGC’s Wodgina Iron Ore Mining operations. Supported by LSM Technologies Product Specialists, Westate commissioned the TMSystems also providing Training and Support Services.

BGC Contracting is one of Australia’s major players in the provision of Open Pit Mining Contracting. With a long standing track record in iron ore, gold, coal and a diverse range of other commodities, BGC’s Mining Business Unit is committed to delivering mining services to high quality and safety standards for every stage of mine development and operation.

Steve Turley (National Tyre Manager for BGC) says: “We had been looking for a very cost effective and reliable Tyre Monitoring System, that could not only provide on board monitoring where required, but also Remote Tyre Monitoring via an Online solution to allow for fast and accurate tyre management information and reporting”.     

“The TMSystems from LSM Technologies is simple to install and maintain on site, because the OTR Sensors are valve mounted, you simply screw them on. The tyre fitters have no need to remove the sensors unless correcting tyre pressure issues. 

“The systems have proven to be reliable and durable in the harsh operating conditions”.

“Having NOT replaced any of the OTR Sensors during the 12 month evaluation on the Dump Trucks, indicates an extremely high level of reliability and durability.  These OTR Sensors have a small replaceable Filter Seal built in, which prevents blockages, and is easy to change if required"

"The OTR Sensors are programmed with a Robust Wireless Programming Tablet device, which can also be used in a workshop to read and record current tyre pressure and temperature data from the trucks in seconds. 

"LSM Technologies Online SafetyTrax Telemetry System provides real-time tyre pressure and temperature information. Alerting and reporting via web based reporting, which can be accessed anywhere you have Internet connection.   The  SafetyTrax system can auto report via email or SMS to maintenance supervisor or team to action pressure alerts". 

Steve also says:, “Email is the best option for us. All alerts are fully programmable via the web interface so you can determine how the system alerts you and to what level .i.e. high pressure, low pressure, fast leak.The TMSystem is fully accessible via the Internet and BGC now have a dedicated web page to view and produce reporting. It can easily produce many different reports in a PDF, Excel, and Word format straight out of this web interface system".

"The LSM Technologies TMSystems and Web based SafetyTrax Reporting System has delivered major benefits to BGC’s Dump Truck and Road-train operations".

LSM Technologies TMSystems combined with SafetyTrax Web Based Trending / Reporting / Alerting System provides:

  • Increased Safety: Avoids catastrophic tyre failure, tyre fires and potential accidents- especially with the "fast leak" alert warning and tyre temperature monitoring. Also optimum set- point pressures provide better Rig handling, control and braking.
  • Tyre Service Life / Fuel Economy: Maintaining optimum set- point pressures through SafetyTrax monitoring means tyres last longer and optimises fuel economy.
  •  Cost downs / Productivity: Checking of 74 tyres on each Rig would cost at least 2 hours of labour. Using the SafetyTrax Web Based System, tyres that require attention can be identified and targeted for pressurisation, saving enormous costs and increased production time.
  • Damage Control: Tyre fires, catastrophic failure are enormous costs- not just for the tyres, but also for the rims, the vehicle and also lost time for incident reporting and repairs.
  • Recording / Trending / Alerting: The MTR360 can provide the Operator with immediate notification of High Pressure, Low Pressure, Fast leak, High Temperatures so that they can take the appropriate corrective action during operation.

With the Online SafetyTrax Web Based Monitoring, all such alerts are recorded and can be sent via email or SMS.  In addition, records of Tyre condition can be provide to site personnel / customers as safety validation. Trending of historical data provides extensive analysis on tyre condition, pressures and temperatures.

With the support of Westate Mining Supplies and LSM Technologies, BGC will continue to roll-out the TMSystem provided by LSM Technologies on both Dump Trucks and Road-trains across their WA and SA mining operations.

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