Alcoa Introduces Innovative Dual Valve Wheel for TMSystems

Yes....! LSM Technologies as Doran's Australasian partner for TMSystems has been advocating for >10 years for the implementation of 2 x Valve Core holes in Wheels / Rims. Doran's- Lee Demis and Alcoa's- Doug Mason discuss the unique benefits and advantages of the new Alcoa designed Dual Valve Wheel.

Also see the Alcoa News Article at this link and view the video below.

For more than a decade, there has been an increased demand for the installation of Tyre Monitoring Systems (TMS) on fleets.

As technology and demand evolved, so has it become critical that Tyre and Wheel Manufactures / Suppliers to develop solutions that offer optimum TMSystem efficiency.

To respond to this need, Alcoa® Wheels recently introduced thier new forged aluminium Dual Air Valve Wheels for Heavy Trucks and Trailers.

Alcoa understands the pain points for end- users in the Transport Industry that has led to the new Alcoa® Dual Air Valve wheels, which feature a second Valve Stem so TMSystem Sensor can operate on one valve while Tyre Re- pressurisation is serviced on the other.

TMSystems are being utilised more and more as the y have proven to provide enhanced Safety for the Driver and the Public whilst also Fuel Costdowns, extended Tyre Service Life,  Equipment Damage Control, and increased Productivity / Scheduling.

These sorts of savings are being more and more acknowledge and so having the second Valve Hole with a Tyre Sensor permanently mounted means that:

  • Sensors do not need to be removed each time for re- pressurisation.
  • Reduced maintenance and loss of Sensors (dropped or forgotten to be replaced).
  • No need for Air Valve Extension for the Sensor or (support bracket) on the Inner Wheel (Dual Wheel Sets).
  • Provide accurate Temperature alerts as Short Steel Air valve stems can be utilised.
  • Second valve can be used for re- pressurisation and CTI (contact tyre inflation) systems.

A big thank you to Alcoa for acknowledging and providing another technology solution on their wheel for TMSystems.

Alcoa Dual Valve x 800 x 001.jpg Alcoa Dual Valve Wheel x 600.jpg