LSM EncloseAir® solution for Faresin Telehandlers- Sy-Klone RESPA®

Published Thursday 12 Aug, 2021 by Peter Woodford

LSM EncloseAir® solution for Cabins and Enclosures using Sy-Klone RESPA® is the perfect solution for Faresin Telehandlers to enhance HVAC service life, protection interior / electronics and  Operator from exposure to airborne contamination.

Telehandlers are used in all sorts of industries such as Poultry, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, etc and of course there is always plenty of dust / particulate in their operating environments. 

LSM EncloseAir® solution for Cabin and Enclosures using Sy-Klone RESPA® is the perfect solution for Faresin Telehandlers.

The EncloseAir® solution was specifically designed by LSM engineering development team with an as- built drawing and manufactured to suite the Faresin 7.3 Model Telehandler.

Installation and commissioning of the EncloseAir® designed system can be provided by LSM Technologies Field Service Technicians in our extensive Brisbane Facilities, On- Site or as a DYI Kit for your own easy install. 

LSM EncloseAir® solution provides for: 

  • Enhance HVAC service life
  • Maximise Protection of Operator from exposure to airborne contamination with HEPA filtration.
  • Balance thermal conditions inside cabin.
  • Clean cabin also cares for the interior and truck instrumentation / electronics.
  • Low Maintenance with long Filter Element Service life of up to 1,000 hours.
Fara 01 x 800.jpg
Idex Page Drawing- Faresin x800 001.png