"A Life Saver, a Wife Saver & Conversation Starter"- RESPA® Pressuriser / Filtration Unit

Published Sunday 3 Oct, 2021 by Kelvin Nicholson

We would like to thank William and his family, as part of our many growing happy "campers" who reckons the LSM EncloseAir® RESPA®  Pressuriser / Filtration System is a  "A Life Saver, a Wife Saver & Conversation Starter'".

William writes to LSM Technologies: 

"Hello Kelvin,

So far we have travelled from the GC to Cape York and to outback QLD where we have encountered many unsealed roads, road trains and dust as far as the eye can see. The RESPA unit has performed very well in all conditions, with no dust ingress in the cabin.

I decided to mount the unit on the drawbar tool box for ease of installation and maintenance. We have a stone stomper as well which lowers the dust significantly in that area anyway. 

One thing I noticed when I eventually cleaned the filter after 6 months on the road was there was no dust at all on the backside (inside) of the filter which indicates the filter mesh is well suited for the use.

An added benefit of the unit was that it kept the van cooler during all travels. This is a big bonus when pulling over at random spots for lunch etc as the van is at a pleasant temp and therefore rigging up the generator for AC cooling was not needed.

We also found that it helped keep the van fresh over long drives, especially in more humid conditions when damp bath towels & laundry start to get a bit nasty.

We are very happy with the RESPA, and after speaking with many other travellers on the road who have experienced the nightmare of severe dust ingress we know that it has saved us the headache.

The RESPA has allowed us to enjoy the rugged yet beautiful scenery that this great country offers while maintaining comfort for the whole family"

I have had lots of people enquire about the unit during our travels".

Will / Tara / Marley & Tilly
Making- our- marks

PS: Side notes

  • Only time we had dust start to come in was when the filter was blocked and needed cleaning. Mind you I have only cleaned it once the entire trip- ha ha. 
  • Being many different caravans setups this may be difficult but, a wiring kit would make it easier for the DIY keen.

Cheers- Will

Editor's Post note: Many thanks to Will and Family for sharing their RESPA experiences and also for the great photos (just click to enlarge) that they provide of their Rig and also out beauty and wonder of our "sunburt" country.

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