Sy- Klone Engine Air Precleaners for USA Military

Published Tuesday 2 Dec, 2008 by Peter Woodford

The Gulf Wars highlighted the need for a method to protect engines from sand. In many cases, engines were failing in a matter of days, needing to be rebuilt before they could be returned to use. Sy- Klone Series 9000 Engine Air Intake Precleaners were the solution.

Military- the original off-road drivers and they use Sy-Klone Engine Air Precleaners that have proved to be effective against sand, even in these extreme conditions. The rugged construction and patented technology was equal to the task!

The original Jeeps were military vehicles, and they certainly went off-road!

In other areas of the world, Sy-Klone Engine Air Precleaners have proved effective against humidity, mixed debris, swamp conditions, and heavy snow.

Today's modern military uses Sy-Klone Series 9000 on its HUMVEEs and other vehicles, both with and without fording pipes. The fording pipes elevate the engine's air intake so that the vehicle can drive through deeper water than it could without the pipe.

They also found that the Series 9000 was capable of standing up to the sandstorms of the Gulf Wars.