LSM EncloseAir® - Sy- Klone RESPA Advisor® In- Cabin Pressure + Co2 Monitor

Published Wednesday 6 Oct, 2021 by Peter Woodford

The LSM EncloseAir®- Sy-Klone RESPA Advisor® In- Cabin Sensors are now available. The suite of monitors includes the RESPA Advisor® (In-Cabin Pressure Sensor only) or the RESPA Advisor® Plus (CO2  + Pressure Sensor) is ISO 23875 compliant.

Advisor+ 002 800x600 001.jpg

LSM EncloseAir®- Sy-Klone RESPA Advisor® and the RESPA Advisor Plus® provide machine Operators the ability to see and avoid unsafe exposure to Cabin under- pressurisation and also unhealthy levels of CO2,

  • Exposure to excessive Co2 can lead to operator fatigue, loss of alertness and even acidosis
  • Loss of Cabin pressurisation can allow harmful respirable particulate / fibre to enter the Cabin.