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About LSM Technologies

WelcomeLSM Technologies has been established (2002) for nearly two decades with a dedicated team of specialists, a unique range of protect technologies and with business / engineering experience exceeding ten's of decades.

Whilst some of our specialised products technologies are sourced from partners overseas, LSM Technologies also designs and develops Australian made Technology for Australian Industry. 

Our Offices

LSM Technologies (Head) office are purpose built modern facilities that provide:  

  • 1,100 m2 of Warehouse Facility with secured RFID caged area for enhanced OH&S.
  • Engineering facilities for testing and prototyping with 3D printing capability.
  • Training / Education facility with full AV technology that provides interactive presentations, video and teleconference.
  • Fabrication workshop for R&D and Testing.
  • Mechanical design, software and electronics Engineering.
  • Demonstration area for our specialised Product Technologies.
  • Catering facilities with internal Kitchen and external BBQ Area.

Your LSM Team

Your LSM Team consist of an array of qualified, experienced and dedicated support specialists, including

  • Engineering development with mechanical, electronics, mechatronic and software engineering.
  • Design drafting for development of technical manuals, as- built drawings.
  • Administration and accounts with the latest ERP systems.
  • Specialist logistics and parts support team.
  • Qualified and experienced Management personnel. 
  • Installation and commissioning technicians.

Your Advantage

LSM Technologies Pty Ltd are part of your Human and Equipment Management, providing select & unique Product Technologies and Technical Engineering Services that are focused on:

  • Extending Critical Component Service Life.
  • Enhancing Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
  • Providing significant maintenance cost- downs.
  • Reducing Equipment Damage.
  • Increased Productivity.
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Our Founder + History

Peter's humble entry into the specialised lubrication industry begun in 1983, where he started with German manufacturer of specialised lubricants- KLUBER. Over the 5 years with the company, Peter attained extensive lubrication application know- how for various applications in the mining, earthmoving, construction, cement, steel manufacturing and many other industries.

In 1988 he started as a consultant for Optilube / OPTIMOL, another renowned German specialist lubricant's manufacturer, then he continued later as the NSW Distributor.

Over the years Peter developed specialised engineering skills on Large Open Gear driven machines, such as Grinding Mills and Kilns so in 1990 started GEARTECH Pty Ltd  with his then partner Dieter Trenkner.

GEARTECH secured the exclusive distributorship within Australia and surrounding islands with REINER CHEMISCHE FABRIK , that became FUCHS LUBRITECH GmBh (part of the Fuchs Group).

In 1995, FUCHS LUBRITECH GmBh acquired a shareholding in GEARTECH and in 1997 the company changed its name to FUCHS LUBRITECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, with GEARTECH  becoming a specialised division of the company.

Over the many years of operation, the GEARTECH Open Gear Division had established itself as a leading edge of technology for maintenance, lubrication and operation of Open Gear Drives.

This division still today provides unsurpassed technical services and high performance Open Gear lubricants to some of the largest mine sites / Mills / Kilns in the world.

2000 GEARTECH became part of the FUCHS Group

2002 Peter decided to establish another greenfield technology based company - LSM Technologies.

Over the LSM Technologies, has evolved to become one of Australia's most experienced technology company's providing unsurpassed specialist engineering expertise and product technology.

LSM Technologies focus is on providing these skills and technology for providing  :

  • Enhancing Workplace OH&S.
  • Equipment Damage Control.
  • Maintenance Cost downs.
  • Productively.

For those that have come to know Peter, he has always maintained a philosophy and passion for "continuous improvement" and he says "I have learnt a lot in my life so far- but then I find that there is so much more still to learn.....and therefore so much more to share".

LSM Technologies- Intellectual Property

As mentioned on our Intellectual Property page, a few of our growing Patents, Trademarks and IP of unique specialised Australia made product technologies are:

Trade Marks: 

  • LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.)


  • LSM QCabAir® Commixing Plenum for Cabin Pressurisation and Filtration (ISO 23875 certified). . 2022203520/ NZ Pat. App No. 788629
  • LSM Sentinel® VSS Vehicle Safety SystemAustralian Pat. App. No 2022308529A (Int. App.PCT/AU2022/050705) world first technology that integrates multiple vehicle safety devices / mitigation controls into a single Central Logics Controller and In- Cab Display. 
  • LSM BridgeSense® (pat. pend): Eliminate / avoid Over - Height Vehicles / Loads impacting / striking on Bridges / Tunnels (Overhead structures), as well as providing Over- Bridge protection from vehicles Over- Weight / Dimensioned. 
  • LSM TrainSense® (pat. pend): Eliminate / avoid interactions / impacts of Rail mounted Vehicles with other Road Vehicles.
  • LSM EnlcoseAir® + LSM EngineCare® (pat. pend): Cabin & Enclosure Pressuriser + Engine Filtration Systems.
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Terms + Conditions + Policies + Forms

Yes, we all have them and this is part of business today with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Warranties, Goods Return,  etc are at the bottom of this page 

In addition, please note the following disclaimer notes: :

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  • The Site may contain testimonials by users of our products and/or services. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and opinions of such users and are not necessarily those of LSM Technologies.

Please click the button for LSM Technologies Terms and Conditions / Polices / Procedures and Forms.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Complete Enquiry / Feed Back

Firstly we want to thank you for choosing LSM Technologies, our specialised products and services. 

Our LSM Team are always endeavouring not to just meet but to exceed our expectations and so it is very important to receive customer feed- back so we can also exceed our own "continuous improvement" objectives.

Do your comments (and of course please constructive)  feed- back is the only way that we can continue to improve our Services, Product Technology and also Support.

Also, maybe you have a comment, or a specific enquiry for something you can not find on our website.

Or maybe you need us to source a technology to assist you in your operations, or just want to send us an accolade- thank one of the LSM Team (they would be ecstatic about this).

No matter, please click on the button below as we would love to hear from you- remember that LSM Technologies also a developer of Australian technology- made by Australiansfor Australian Industry.   

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Office / Administration: Please note: Main Office Phone- Monitored 24 /7 for Emergency Services and Support

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  16 Bluestone Circuit, Seventeen Mile Rocks QLD 4073
Office Hours 0800 hours- 1630 hours pm
Days Open: Monday to Friday only.

Management / Engineering
  Peter Woodford, Engineering Manager / Managing Director
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Sales, Service, Support
  Kelvin Nicholson, BDManager- Vehicle Safety Solutions
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Logistics / Stores / Parts
  Troy Asquith, Logistics / Stores Manager (Brisbane Location)
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