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Whilst our Orlaco Compact LCD's and Compact Colour Cameras are robust in design for all arduous application / environments, it is also critical that the cables & connections are also as tough to handle the same conditions. They must be easy to repair & be able to provide continuous high quality images -even with high EMC and other RF (Radio Frequency) influences. Some of the unique attributes of our Orlaco Cables / Connection are shown below- in addition:

  • The cables have such a high tensile strength that they are virtual unbreakable, so release point is designed at the connection should they foul.
  • All connections are stainless steel 316 marine grade & IP67 waterproof.
  • Special potted cable / connection are available for permanent underwater use.
  • Cables are resistant to heat / cold, UV, chemical attack, high pressure washing and resistant against capillary action (moisture migrating into length of cable).
  • Peruse our other specialised cables in the relative sections- link to our standard UNI Compact Cable Specifications.

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