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The following are some Studies / Reports on Airborne Particulate and Fibre Exposure inside Cabins of Fixed and Mobile Plant completed by both by Australian and Internationally authorities for your reference.

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2018- ATS Roadheader Cabin Air Filtration Case Study (345.39 KB)
2013- NIOSH Effectiveness Enclosed Cab Filters for DPM Exposure (221.37 KB)
2013- NIOSH Key components- Effective Filtration + Pressurisation- Enclosed Cabins- Mining (876.63 KB)
2009- Queensland Mines Inspectorate- Health Survelliance RESPA Evaluation (552.65 KB)
2008- Occupational Asthma Australia- Bulletin 59 April (547.56 KB)
2008- Occupational Ashma Australia- ACAM Full Report (11,173.74 KB)

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