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A standard configuration of the MTR360 TMSystems for Standard or Large Bore Sensors consists for the following major components and options:

1. Standard Configuration.

  • Display / Monitor: 1 x In- Cabin Display Monitor (or none- HUB is used).
  • HUB Unit: 1 x HUB unit is installed inside the Cabin of the Primary Vehicle. The MTR360 HUB collects all the data from the RF Sensors / Transceivers and sends information to the Operator Display Monitor. Where a Display is not installed, data is sent via integration to our FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System System.
  • Tow Vehicle (s) Transceiver: Each Tow Vehicle (or Axle Set on a Low Loader) has a MTR360 Transceiver attached. Using the SL Tool, upto 20 Tyres / RF Sensors are programmed into the Transceiver for each Tow Vehicle as well as the Vehicle ID.
  • Data / Power Connection: Specialised Gold Plated Connectors are installed between the Primary Vehicle and each Tow Vehicle. This provides dedicated power to each of the Tow Vehicle Transceivers which in turns- the Transceivers utilises to return the Sensor data back to the HUB for processing. The process is called PLC- Power Line Control where power and data are transfered over common connections.
  • Sensors: A suitable number of Heavy Duty Standard / Large Bore Sensors for each Tyre is required. These Sensors are also Low Frequency Activated (LFA) which allows for the use of data collection via our Smart Link Maintenance / Programming Tool.

2. Options:

The MTR360 TMSystem are designed to provide external transfer of Data and Alerts via RS232 or J1939 data communications.

Other options are:

  • No Display: Where it is required that an In- Cabin Display / Monitor for the Operator is not needed then the MTR360 Hub can be utilised on its own, mounted out of view and will not provide audible alerts. However, for transfer of data it must be integrated into our SAFETRACS Reporting System. 
  • Reporting: All data can be transfered to our FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System on-line reporting or via our Smart Link Maintenance / Programming Tool.

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