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The M360™ TPMSystems is designed to monitor / report Tyre Pressures / Temperatures for Motorcycles / Trikes and a small Trailer with the capacity to monitor upto 4 x Tyres.

The M360 TPMSystem continuously monitors air Pressures in your tyres by wireless transmitting data via RF signals primarily from Standard Bore Air Valve Stem mounted (Non- Low Frequency Activated) Tyre Sensors to a digital Display.

Tyre + Tow Capacity.

The M360 TPMS is primarily utilised for tyres on Motorcycles / Trikes / ATV's and Trailers / Side Cars and specifically:

  • For Tyres with Motorcycle Bore Valves.
  • Can be used with a Single Tow / Trailer.
  • Motorcycle / Trike and Trailer with 4 x Tyres in total.

 Sensor Design and Construction:

The RF Tyre Sensors can be installed Outside or Inside the tyre rim using our special Valve Stems (patent pending) that are included with the system. The sensors are waterproof, weatherproof, and spin-welded to prevent corrosion and provide long-life. Once the sensors are screwed on to the valve stem, they become activated and begin to receive and transmit tyre pressure data to the monitor via radio-frequency signals.

Warning / Alerts:

The following Alerts / Warnings are provided on the M360 TPMSystem Display to the Driver:

  • Low Pressure I: A Level I warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 12.5% below the set- point baseline tyre pressure.
  • Low Pressure II: A Level II warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 25% below the below the set- point baseline tyre. In both Low Pressure I and II, an audible alarm and red warning light are activated and the specific tyre position and pressure are shown on the display.
  • FastLeak™ Warning (patent pending): triggered when the pressure drops 19.3 Kpa (2.8psi) within 12 seconds regardless of the baseline tyre pressure. This assists a Driver to take corrective action should a tyre be rapidly loosing pressure.

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