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The Doran RV360™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems is best suited for Domestic SUV's 4 x 4, Cars RVs, Caravans, Trailers to provide a safer, more economical and peaceful experience when driving.

This is the latest video from one of Australia's renowned 4 x 4 Journalists- Allan Whiting of Outback Travelling Australia

Allan and his team has tested our Tyre Monitoring Systems for more than 4 years now and >200,000 Km's of Outback Australian Roads and endorses our RV360 Tyre Monitoring System.

In his own words" This is one of the best units we have tested so far. It is easy to calibrate and picks up trailer tyre signals even as we are coupling up!

We have four years of testing so far completed. We thought the larger caps might be vulnerable in the bush, but we have done a collective 200,000km with them so far and have not damaged a cap."

Also see Allan video testing both our Doran TPMSystems & Ride- on Tyre Sealants.


The RV360 TPMSystem continuously monitors air Pressures and Temperatures in your tyres by wireless transmitting data via RF signals primarily from Standard Bore Air Valve Stem mounted (Non- Low Frequency Activated) Tyre Sensors to a digital Display that is mounted in the Car / Vehicle.

Each of the RF Wireless Sensors has a unique serial number that is programmed to a specific wheel position on your equipment and allows you to customise the baseline tyre pressure that you want to maintain in your tyres.

Specific features of our RV360 TPMSystem are:

Tyre + Tow Capacity.

The RV360 TPMS is primarily utilised for tyres on Domestic / Recreational Vehicles and specifically:

  • For Tyres with Standard Non- LFA Bore Sensors.
  • Can be used with a Single Tow / Trailer.
  • Primary Vehicle of 16 x Tyres and Tow of upto 20 x Tyres.
  • Possible to Drop and Hook the Tow Vehicle as required.

Quick Installation and Simple Programming:

After a location in the Cabin for the Display / Monitor is selected and it is wired to a 12/ 24-volt power supply, the sensors are easily programmed before installing them on to the valve stems. Depending on the type of equipment, an additional remote antenna kit (sold separately) can be installed to move the reception point out of the cab and improve the reception of the signal.

Sensor Design and Construction:

The RV360 Sensors are built with a unique and extremely durable three-piece seal that provides consistent pressure on the valve core while minimising the potential for leaks. A potting material encapsulates and stabilises the internal components to help withstand vibration and impact from the project site and maximise the durability. In addition, the sensors contain a Lithium-Ion battery that provides long life for consistent signal transmission.

Sleep Mode: The Display can be installed to either allow for a “sleep mode” (the display will turn off with the vehicle) or can be installed with continuous power for tyre pressure checks without turning on the ignition.

Warning / Alerts:

The following Alerts / Warnings are provided on the RV360 TPMSystem Display, to the Driver / Operator or Despatch (via our FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System).

  • Low Pressure I: A Level I warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 12.5% below the set- point baseline tyre pressure.
  • Low Pressure II: A Level II warning is activated when the pressure in any of the tyres drop 25% below the below the set- point baseline tyre. In both Low Pressure I and II, an audible alarm and red warning light are activated and the specific tyre position and pressure are shown on the display.
  • FastLeak™ Warning (patent pending): triggered when the pressure drops 19.3 Kpa (2.8psi) within 12 seconds regardless of the baseline tyre pressure. This assists a Driver to take corrective action should a tyre be rapidly loosing pressure eg Truck Steers.
  • High Pressure: This is an optional setting to provide a warning if the pressure in the tyre increases to more than 25% of the baseline tyre pressure.
  • High Temperature: A “HOT” temperature alarm is activated when the temperature of the sensors reach 120 DegC (248° F).
  • Lost Sensor: Should a Sensor signal not be received by the Display / Monitor then a "Lost Sensor" warning will be indicated.

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