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The following section contains Technical and Product information, as well as Data Sheets about our specialised LSM Breather Technologies that can be downloaded.

The LSM Breather Technology is an array of specialised Desiccant (and non- desiccant) Breathers that filter damaging Particulate and Moisture contaminants from Hydrocarbon of other Aqueous / Non- Aqueous Fluids utilised in:

  • Hydraulic Reservoirs.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Storage or Process Tanks. 
  • Pump vacuum Chambers.
  • On and Off Road Vehicle Engines / Gearboxes / Hydraulics.
  • Maritime / Shipping.
  • And many many other applications.

LSM Desiccant Breathers are industry's solution to Contamination Control and there is a LSM Breather specifically designed to maximise the restriction of contamination entry into your system whilst also optimising the service life of the Breather.

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